Hip Hop Accessories

King Ice is a leader in providing all you hip hop fans with the newest and latest hip hop accessories to further pimp out your wardrobe. From the all too classy watches to party pimp cups and even celebrity styled sunglasses, we’ve got unlimited possibilities for you to accessorize from. Complete your thug wear with these hip hop accessories and we’ll guarantee you will surely get mad props!

Hip Hop Watches
Our collection begins with our affordable iced out hip hop watches! These have always been an important accessory to bling bling fashion. We carry a variety of stylish phat water resistant quartz watches made for the true playa. As we always say, no outfit is complete without a watch sparkling with cubic zirconia cz diamond stones! You can be assured that our watches come directly from the latest trends in Hip Hop bling jewelry.

Diamond Hip Hop Watches
For those that prefer that extra bling, we have a collection of diamond hip hop watches just for you. These real diamond watches come in different styles. From digital watches to a classy watch, you can show off these diamonds with ease.

Celebrity Styled Sunglasses
Sunglasses are also high in the accessories category. A hot pair of shades can turn you from nobody to a superstar. These hip hop inspired shades are priced so you can afford them. For authentic celebrity sunglasses, we offer sunglasses by Christian Audigier.

Belt Buckles
Big belt buckles are blowing up huge in the music industry. From Pitbull to Soulja Boy's music videos, you just see these bad boys everywhere! We even carry the LED style belt buckles where you can write a short message. Combine these big belt buckles with our leather belts.

Leather Belts
These leather belts are ideally made for our hip hop belt buckles. Our belts are made from genuine leather, but some are leather style with 30% leather mixed with PVC. These affordable men's leather belts are stylish and have the latest fashion designs on the belts.

Hip Hop Pimp Cups
Lil Jon was one of the first to introduce pimp cups to the hip hop scene. He featured them in many of his videos. He even accepted a MTV Music Award with a pimp cup in his hand with crunk juice inside. Now you can join his posse and go to the clubs, pimp cup in hand. Our large selection of pimp cups is made out of glass with Rhinestones bling.

Sterling Silver Money Clips
Another great accessory for the hip hop man is money clips. Money Clips are a great way to stash your money when you are on the go. Our money clips are made from sterling silver. We even carry some stainless steel style money clips for a cheaper alternative!

Hip Hop Grillz
Like Mike Jones, Lil Wayne, and Chamillionaire who famously wear Grillz on a daily basis our grillz collection has many styles and colors to choose from. All made of sterling silver with cubic zirconia.

Hip Hop Shoe Grillz
To go along with the regular grillz, have fun with King Ice's hip hop shoe grillz! Our shoe grillz come in pairs and in different colors and shapes. With these shoe grillz combined with our teeth grillz, pimp cups, large belt buckles, iced out earrings, and celebrity bling bling bracelets you will be totally pimped out!

If you’re looking for great butane lighters, look no further. We have a good collection of lighter for you “smokers” out there. These torch lighters are absolutely sick and are worth to be apart of our hip hop accessories selection.

Jewelry Gift Boxes
Even though some of our products already come with leatherette gift boxes, we also sell them individually. They come in a variety of colors for rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. We even carry wooden, velvet, and leatherette gift boxes. They great way to compliment your jewelry is with a nice jewelry box for a complete presentation.

For an extra personal, be sure to check out our hip hop jewelry laser engraving service! King ice is your source for the hottest hip hop accessories!