beats by dr. dre

The beats by dr. dre headphone series are engineered with brilliant sound quality in mind. Dr. Dre tackles one of the most pressing problems with people that listen to music today, “People aren’t hearing all of the music.” Now people can listen to all the music that artists and producers put their time in and look fashionable as well. These high performance over-ear headphones allow you to be immersed in the music. They can handle the bass, the detail, and the rich dynamics that most generic headphones cannot. With beats by dr. dre, you are guaranteed to hear what the artists hear, listen to the music they way they intended you to, the way dr. dre does.

King Ice is the number one stop for your hip hop jewelry, accessories, and quite possibly everything else. We are fortunate to be apart of the Monster Cables familiar as we are an authorized beats dealer. The high definition beats by dr. dre headphone lines that we carry include the:

Over-Ear Headphones – High quality cans which cover the entire ear or sit on top of them

In-Ear Headphones – Insulated to keep all the rich music inside with noise canceling features

Artist Series – These headphones are specially designed by your favorite celebrities. Currently, there are celebrities that have their own beats collection, they are: Sean Diddy Combs (diddybeats), Lady Gaga (heartbeats), LeBron James (powerbeats), and Justin Beiber (justbeats)

Artists, producers, and other professions spend a great deal of hours fine-tuning and mixing music to achieve the desired sound their fans want to hear. Most of the beats by dr. dre high definition over the ear headphones feature advanced speaker design, powered amplification, and powered noise cancellation. What is great about beats by dr. dre is that it’s built for you and I. These headphones come with many features such as a flat wire design, for less tangles and ControlTalk, for you to connect with the world. These audiophile cans work ideally with your iPods, iPads, iPhones, and all other Apple products.

Here at King Ice, we strive to provide our customers with the best customer service and the latest products in all of hip hop fashion. As new beats by dr. dre products are released, you can be sure to find them here at King Ice. So start your journey now into musical wonderland and hear music the way it’s intended to be heard with beats by dr. dre.