Hip Hop Bracelets

King Ice only offers quality hip hop bling bling bracelets! We a carry a gigantic collection rhodium coated platinum style men’s bracelets, 0.925 solid sterling silver bracelets, 14K yellow gold plated bracelets, tungsten carbide bracelets, titanium bracelets, genuine leather bracelets, stainless steel hip hop bracelets, and women’s bracelets for your hip hop princess. Our men’s bracelet designs are based off the latest Hip Hop fashion jewelry worn by rappers, singers and actors alike.

Sterling Silver Hip Hop Bracelets

Starting off with our most luxurious hip hop bracelets, these mens bracelets are a magnificent collection of designer inspired silver bracelets. Made with authentic solid sterling silver and Russian made micro pave cubic zirconia stones, our bling bling bracelets are built to last and guaranteed to get you some good attention!

Blackout Bracelets for Men

The blackout collection was introduced in 2009 starting with these swagtastic men’s bracelets! These blackout bracelets for guys are exclusive to King Ice customers only! They are made from black gold style material and black diamond cubic zirconia stones. These items will turn people’s heads around for a second glance from the amount of bling coming off your wrist! Some of our blackout men’s bracelets are now made with sterling silver and a rich dark black rhodium coating!

Platinum Style Rhodium Plated Men’s Bracelets

Speaking of rhodium coating, get iced out like Lil Wayne, but at an affordable price! We carry high quality rhodium plated bracelets for men. Our iced out bling bracelets are fitted with high end CZ that look just like flawless diamonds. Don’t waste your hard earned money on real diamond jewelry when you can pick up men’s bracelets from King Ice at a fraction of the price.

Gold Plated Men’s Bracelets

Seriously one of our most popular collections, our gold plated men’s bracelets category. We’re bringing back the golden era with our hip hop gold style mens bracelets! They are made with top materials by skilled craftsmen. These gold plated bracelets for men can fool any jewelry expert. The sparkling flawless cubic zirconia stones also help!

Tungsten Carbide Mens Bracelets

Have you ever thought of owning something practically indestructible? This is your chance! We offer a large collection of men’s tungsten carbide bracelets including black tungsten and metallic tungsten design. The modernistic jewelry design of our mens bracelets represents the latest in fashion trends. Our jewelry is always stamped indicating authenticity. Also, these bracelets for hip hop fans match perfectly with our tungsten rings!

Titanium Men’s Bracelets

We have a unique collection of titanium bracelets for men. Titanium is an ultra light yet very strong metal used in a number of industries varying from sports to medicine. Only in recent years has titanium become a focus of the fashion elite and King Ice brings them to you at an awesome price!

Stainless Steel Men’s Bracelets

Stainless steel bracelets for men are popular in hip hop jewelry. Their sleek design, affordability, and durable quality make them a great addition to any jewelry collection.

Leather Men’s Bracelets

Stylish, organic, leather jewelry for men! Enjoy our genuine animal leather bracelets for men fused with 0.925 sterling silver for the sleek and modern look. We carry silver stingray leather mens bracelets designed by Alan K. Stingray leather bracelets are believed to have healing properties. At KingIce.com, you will also find biker leather mens bracelets from POWER Line. These real leather bracelets are blended with sterling silver skull & crossbones charms, king crown charms, and fleur-de-lis charms.

Magnetic Men’s Bracelets

King Ice offers magnetic bracelets with healing properties for men and women. No it’s not voodoo, it’s just science! These bracelets let your blood breathe a bit more by promoting blood circulation. Some of our neodymium bracelets can be interchanged to create cool tricks.

Women’s Bracelets

Last but not least is our fine collection of women’s bracelets. In this collection, we offer sterling silver bracelets to Tiffany inspired items for your girl. Give your hip hop princess something that will last with these silver bracelets, don’t let yourself have all the fun!

With these hip hop bracelets, it is best if you look at our gift box selection for a better gift presentation.