Titanium Bracelets

We carry a nice collection of titanium bracelets designed for men. Titanium is considered an alternative metal in the jewelry industry and continue to gain more interest as its various incarnations are released into the market. Titanium is ultra light, yet very durable against scratches. Combined with colorful carbon fiber which is also a light, strong cable-like material, titanium jewelry establishes itself as a leader in alternative jewelry design. It is commonly made with very strong metal used in a number of industries varying from sports to medicine. Only in recent years has titanium become a focus of the fashion elite. Given its superior quality yet effective jewelry adaptability men’s titanium jewelry continues to grow market share.

Titanium bracelet design is uniquely varied. Ranging from classic rolex style links to more creative cable link offshoots, men's jewelry expression continues to evolve. Yellow gold accented link screws combined with satin brushed titanium surfaces provide a moden feel. Titanium bracelets will compliment any style. From a business suit to casual wear, our bracelets Our titanium bracelets can be matched with our titanium wedding rings. They also come with an extended warranty and display a stamp of authenticity. If you are interested in stylish, sleek design combined with high level durability then try a KingIce.com titanium bracelet.