Gold Bling

Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction

Gold Bling Collection

With much love, King Ice presents the Gold Bling Collection. Yes, we know how much our shine-driven clientele loves everything gold, all day every day, and we are happy to present the most extensive selection of gold bling in men’s jewelry online. Gold bling has long been the standard for hip hop culture since the 1970s with funk, disco, old skool R&B, early hip hop, and on-ward to present day getting flossed by big name performers of several artists driven music labels such as Young Money, Maybach, and Brick Squad. King Ice has gathered some of the most dope gold bling you’ve set your eyes on.

Look all around. Whether you’re kicking with bad chicks at the clubs, working hard at school, making paper at work, there’s a lot of flashy brightness everywhere. If you’re a rapper and not flossing some swagged out gear, you’re not going to be respected. Everyone is rocking out on gold bling.

We all have to work hard for our money, but nowadays, the grind can get a little too rough so we might not be able to afford the real deal 24k but still want to look the very best. The best solution to that is the King Ice Gold Bling Collection. There’s plenty of chains, rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and many more items that gets added daily so you can keep up with the trends. All our items are made with high quality materials and have smooth gold plating. Sometimes we score big time getting the genuine article and that’s when you can really save big! No matter what, King Ice will always pass on the savings to you.

At, we believe in taking care of our customers, which is why we have a generous 90-day warranty on all items. Look for our coupons and specials out there, so you can get a discount on the huge luxe items that you’ve been eyeing. Check out other bling bling available like Blackout Earrings, Rock and Gemz bracelets, and High End CZ Rosaries. We’re confident you’ll not only love what you’ll see, but you’ll have all the essentials to swag it.