GoodWoodNYC Wooden Jewelry


Good Wood is the original wooden jewelry company headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. While they don’t have an actual store font, you can purchase many of their fine wooden “products” at online retailers such as King Ice. Let’s go in more detail about its “products” – believe it or not, GoodWoodNYC is not in the business of selling products. Kerri, founder/owner/head designer of Good Wood, states, “It’s not a product, it is artwork” that they are selling.  It’s the idea that Good Wood started off as art and should still be viewed as art instead of a product but for our sakes, we’ll go ahead and call it a product, a product of art. Kerri’s inspiration stems from a range of fields such as; NYC, Street Art, Graffiti, Hip Hop, Skateboarding, and Fashion trends past present and future. The original concept came from while she was working at a skateboard shop and picked up carving and from the studio of her room to a worldwide brand, Good Wood is here to stay, at least “for the next 10 years” says Kerri. Good Wood jewelry products’ popularity have grown so much that many celebrities began wearing them.

Kerri’s Good Wood movement began by giving her artwork away to DJs for free. From DJs they reached out to the hip hop fashion community and to the rest of the world. In the year 2010, Good Wood and the world saw the largest rise in the wooden jewelry as stars like Kanye West, Jay Z, Nas, Snoop Dogg, LeBron James, and many more began wearing good wood products. By far the most popular pieces from the Good Wood product line are its wooden Africa map as well as the infamous Jesus piece. By and large, many celebrities have opted to have a custom piece of wood jewelry. For a higher price they are able to have a one of a kind piece. While most celebrities have had the opportunity to create vibrant and unique customized pieces, others haven’t until now. GoodWoodNYC extends its offer to the public with custom made wooden jewelry pieces.

Good Wood NYC is able to produce custom wooden jewelry pieces as well as other items such as skateboards, keychains, and coasters. The authentic good wood jewelry artwork pieces can be made in; rings, brooches, pins, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. Please be patient and allow a few weeks to for the Good Wood staff to complete your custom design. Remember each piece is custom made to order on top of their regular best selling items like the wooden Jesus piece and the Africa map wooden necklace. So when you wear a wooden jewelry piece from Good Wood NYC, you’re actually wearing artwork.

King Ice offers original Good Wood Pieces as well as more affordable wooden jewelry pieces. We do this because we want everyone to be able to wear their favorite wooden jewelry pieces, regardless of price.