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Hip Hop Necklaces

Men's necklaces are the bling bling of choice for a majority of the hip hop artists. A men's necklace or in our case, hip hop necklaces, consists of two parts – a pendant and a chain. At times, a men's necklace cannot be separated and what you have is a single jewelry piece instead of two pieces of fine hip hop fashion jewelry. You’re in luck because King Ice, the number one hip hop jewelry website, includes the most iced out and most poppin’ hip hop necklaces for men. Below are some short descriptions of what hip hop inspired men's necklaces we have to offer.

Hip Hop Necklaces

The cream of the crop, it does not get better than this. These hip hop pendants and men's necklaces feature some of the freshest designs in the market. This unique men's necklaces collection features favorites like the "SWAG" piece and the comic book style "POW" combo. New styles are frequently added. Check back soon for more mens necklaces.

Men's Disco Ball Bead Necklaces

The most popular men's necklaces on, these disco ball men's necklaces will turn heads wherever you go. Available with iced out CZ diamonds or simple and clean with faceted beads, we have a style for every one. These disco ball men's necklaces are identical to the disco ball bracelets available in our bracelet section. For some extra pop in your outfit, get matching disco ball men's necklaces and bracelets, only at

Colorful Pendant and Chain Combos

These hip hop pendants and chains got the special treatment. They have been coated with a colorful finish. From purple to pink, to blue to yellow, you’ll find the most unique designs and colors in this category of hip hop pendants and chains.

Wooden Necklaces

Wooden hip hop necklaces are one of the hottest trends today, these mens necklace combos are inspired by popular wood designs. King Ice is offering many Jesus pieces as well as Africa wooden pendants for the fraction of the cost you find at other places! Get a men's wooden necklace before they sell out.

Rosary Bead Men's Necklaces

Whether you’re part of the Catholic faith or not, it’s incredible to see the rise of rosary beaded necklaces for hip hop artists and moguls alike. At King Ice we offer rosary men's necklaces in various materials and styles. Our most popular style is the disco bead ball rosary available in multiple colors. There's no question about it, for rosary men's necklaces, visit

Women's Necklaces

Why should the guys get to have all the fun? King Ice offers hip hop divas the latest in hip hop fashion necklaces. Like the ladies of hip hop music, you too can sport iced out necklaces with a feminine touch. Available in small quantities these are sure to be gone before you know it.

Here at King Ice, you get the best bang for your buck for hip hop jewelry. We offer a generous 90 day warranty on all our products, including men's necklaces. If you’re just looking for hip hop pendants only, you can hop on over to our pendants section. Otherwise, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with our line of hip hop inspired necklaces.