Rosary Necklaces

Popularized by Christians over 500 years ago, Rosary necklaces have remained a symbol of the Catholic faith, and they continue to be worn by many of the devout--inside and outside of church. Traditionally made from wood or plastic, rosaries have changed, and King Ice has created a staple of original hip hop rosary necklaces that include CZ stones, crucifixes and medallions to produce an iconic piece of hip hop jewelry. Compared to our traditional Jesus Pieces, our hip hop rosary necklaces provide the same flair but with an emphasis on religious fashion.

The King Ice Quality: Rosary Necklaces

King Ice continues to provide its customer base with products that use the highest grade of materials, built with the most cutting edge methods in the jewelry industry. All of our items include 14K gold or rhodium plating, while our crucifixes, charms and medallions come made from solid brass. Each item comes dipped 5 times in gold or rhodium plating to provide better shine and protection, and like all of our hip hop jewelry, our quality assurance specialists inspect each piece to assure customers receive only the best possible item.