Rose Gold

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Rose Gold Chains

Rose Gold Chain Collection, our latest addition to King Ice are hotter than ever. Rose Gold has made a comeback and is now starting to garner attention in the hip hop jewelry industry. Rose Gold has been predominantly used for specialized jewelry and high-end musical instruments. Only higher-end jewelry pieces and the most well-crafted and expensive flutes are made with Rose Gold. Also known as “pink gold” and “red gold,” it was popular in Russia over a hundred years ago amongst the wealthy and noble, hence, also known as “Russian gold.” Flash forward to now, Rose Gold has been spotted as the latest bling on many of hip hop’s royal line-up such as rappers Drake, Kanye West, and Rick Ross.

Thematically, the color Rose is subtle, yet distinctive, and serves to highlight the wearer’s apparel and jewelry. Rose Gold jewelry conveys the feel of opulence, luxury, and exclusivity. It embodies wealth, high class, refined tastes, and elegance. As previously mentioned, Rose Gold has been use predominantly for specialized jewelry pieces. Drake owns a very unique, $30,000 Rose Gold Rolex watch that he wore and is featured on the cover of his latest album Take Care . He’s also been spotted wearing Rose Gold chains while going out. Because we’re die-hard hip hop fans, we “take care” to keep our eyes open to artists who also serve as men’s style icons.

At King Ice, we are first as the leader in spotting trends before they dominate. We present you with Rose Gold plated chains which are made in Italy from brass to give it solid weight and coated with the highest quality of Rose Gold mixture. There is textural design and the links come in various styles such as Gucci/Marina, Figaro, and Curb. We carry various lengths and sizes of chains to accommodate all our diverse clientele’s styles. Perfect to match up with our disco ball bracelets or hip hop watches.

As always, you can count on King Ice to have the most exciting and vast collection of urban jewelry. We believe that affordability and style go hand-in-hand because we shouldn’t have to sacrifice too much cash money for swag. The Rose Gold chain collection is just another example of underground trends appearing here first. Men’s Rose Gold chains stand apart from traditional hip hop jewelry in that it means to tap into refined grandeur to repurpose the essence of style. This would be a must for any ravenous hip hop jewelry collector. not only offers quality merchandise at affordable prices, but all this includes excellent customer service, fast shipping, and we offer extended warranties, as well. Be a maverick and sport a Rose Gold chain today!