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Hip Hop Watches

Hip hop watches are the easiest way to add some bling bing to your outfit. At we offer an extensive selection of stylish hip hop men’s bling watches at unbeatable prices. The hip hop community is known for outlandish fashion styles and jewelry, with watches being no exception. Turn on any hip hop related television channel and you’ll spot famous hip hop artists with diamond encrusted necklaces, rings, watches, cups, and grillz. In hip hop, bigger is better. The bigger and better your jewelry is, the more successful you are perceived to be. Super-star hip hop artists like 50 Cent, Kanye West, P-Diddy, Jay-Z, T.I. and Snoop Dogg wear iced out jewelry to show how successful they’ve become. The easiest method to display your success is through an urban watch. Everyone needs to know the time so why not adorn your arm with an iced out watch encrusted with various simulated diamonds.

An iced out hip hop watch is hard to ignore. Urban hip hop watches generally feature oversized faces with dozens of sparkling diamonds encrusted throughout. Hip hop artists prefer loud flashy jewelry and apparel that demands attention. A perfect example of this is Flavor Flav. Flavor Flav would wear outlandish costumes with full size clocks around his neck during performances. A men’s urban hip hop watch attracts attention without needing to look foolish like Flavor Flav. Walk into any club or party with a large faced hip hop watch like your favorite hip hop artist and you’ll notice the stares you get from women and men. An iced out urban watch speaks volumes about your social status and style. At we have the latest hip hop watch designs at reasonable prices. Why pay thousands of dollars for a real designer watch when you can get a whole collection of simulated diamond hip hop watches for a fraction of the price.

Our collection of hip hop urban watches includes styles and colors for all occasions. A majority of our hip hop watch jewelry is made of high quality stainless steel. Our most popular hip hop watches are encrusted with multicolor simulated diamonds. Be it clear, onyx, yellow or orange stones, our CZ diamond watches look authentic. For a more formal style, we have leather band watches in brown and black. Leather band urban watches are ideal for business settings. For a unique fashion style, try one of our rubber band hip hop watches in yellow, black, or red. Or try some bling bling watches with hip hop symbols like the Jordan Jumpman, skulls, urban crowns and more. If you’d rather sport a real diamond watch check out our diamond watches collection. For a truly iced out look match our watches with one of our silver bracelets and plated bracelets. At we strive to be your number one source for the latest hip hop fashion trends for jewelry and hip hop watches.