Premium Watches

Without a doubt, the #1 must-have jewelry piece for any man is a premium watch. Men wearing various watch styles give indicators of being style-conscious and keeping current, whether it’s with a classic Cartier to the modern funky Nooka. When it comes to style watch, the hip hop world dominates fashion trends. The most elegant and stylish watches are often worn by successful hip hop artists such as Kanye, Lil Wayne, Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, Drake, and also, very expensive. Since the price range of any luxurious timepieces are often beyond what men on the grind could afford, King Ice offers a middle-of-the-road solution: Premium Watches (High-End Inspired).

Very famous hip hop artists/rappers are seen sporting large, iced out high-end watches of the likes of Gucci, Cartier, Rolex, Breitling, only to name a few. Because those brands promote, manufacture, and represent luxury, they often are more creative and fluid in their designs. Rappers seek out hig- end watches to signify their success and wealth. For working men, they would have to break their banks several times over to be able to get a taste of wearing avant garde designs. King Ice unveils the Premium Watches collection that offers similar styles to what’s being worn in the hip hop community, but only for a fraction of the price. Have you been eyeing Drakes’ Rolex or Gucci Mane’s Gucci watch? You don’t have to look any further! At the average price of $400, you too can own a Gucci, Rolex, and any other high designer inspired watch! The real deals cost thousands of dollars for such hardcore wrist bling , but our premium watches run about a quarter of the price, or even less! Don’t think the quality is compromised, either! The watches are made with highest grade cubic zirconias, durable rubber bands, softest leather bands, highest quality glass, and most accurate mechanics underneath. Be sure to match your new watch with a pair of silver earrings and NBA snapback hats.

At, we know that you work hard for your cash money so we work hard to find the freshest styles with highest quality. Shop with confidence, as all our products are covered by our 90-day-warranty. You know we’re the only online men’s hip hop jewelry retailer that stocks pimpin ice cold bling everyday so make sure to show us some LOVE and give us a holla to procure the latest Premium Watches available!