Hip Hop Watches

In the '90s, high-end watch designers took traditional timepieces and re-imagined them for their newest luxury buyer: hip hop artists. And artist from Birdman to Nelly found themselves sporting high-end hip hop watches, fitted with diamonds and lined with platinum, to demonstrate to the everyone that they've "made it" in the music industry.

Continuing the tradition of re-imagining hip hop watches, King Ice provides the same style, flair and charisma displayed from these high-end watch designers, fitting our men's gold watches with 14K gold and lining them from the dial to case with eye-catching CZ stones. When paired with our real diamond earrings, these watches and earrings create the perfect complement to your hip hop and urban clothing.

The King Ice Quality: Hip Hop Watches

All of our hip hop watches take inspiration from their high-end counterparts, outfitted with CZ stones, built with large, eye-catching watch faces and lined with 14K gold. And just like our King Ice Pendants, each watch spends months in development prior to being approved for production, and by using only the highest quality of materials, we're able to provide the best possible product. Whether it's chronograph or gold watches, King Ice provides an assortment of options.