Animal Pendants

Animal pendants available at are beautifully designed and iced out with sparkling simulated diamonds in sterling silver. Platinum style animal pendants have become popular in hip hop due to their unique designs and meaningful symbolism. Animals have both religious and social meanings. It’s no wonder then that hip hop artists and celebrities wear platinum edition animal pendants to subconsciously communicate multiple psychological meanings. If you were to run into someone with a sterling silver dolphin hip hop pendant, it would signify that person as being kind, friendly, playful and intelligent. Like most sea creatures, a dolphin is graceful yet powerful. A bird, more specifically an eagle, symbolizes dominance, power, courage, and freedom among other things. A domestic animal like a dog symbolizes faithfulness and companionship. In the Chinese zodiac, a person born in the year of the dog is said to be faithful, courageous, intelligent and warm-hearted. Celtic mythology holds a dog to be loyal, devoted, and faithful. Across several cultures, the dog is constantly understood to be man’s best friend, but not every culture has similar perceptions of animals.

Dragons in Chinese mythology traditionally represent great prosperity, dignity, honor, luck and success. However, in Western folklore dragons symbolize evil. Dragons are portrayed as ferocious, enormous animals that breathe fire and kill villagers without reason. In most Western fairy tales, the standard cliché consists of a white knight slaying an evil dragon to reach his princess and live happily ever after. The list of symbolic animals and their meanings can go on for days. The lesson is to not a judge a book by its cover. A person wearing a platinum style cat hip hop animal pendant could be wearing it for its adorable appearance or for its symbolic meaning of a mysterious, secretive, and independent personality.

Whichever animal you choose to identify yourself with, has sterling silver animal hip hop pendants to fit your style and personality. Our collection includes platinum edition animal pendants encrusted with hundreds of gleaming simulated diamond CZ stones. A majority of our sterling silver hip hop animal pendants are finished with rhodium for a brilliant shine that won’t tarnish. We have platinum style animal pendants with CZ stones in clear or multicolor in micro pave; the latest hip hop jewelry trend. Our sterling silver animal pendants collection includes dragons, dogs, felines, cats, birds, lizards, snakes and others. is always adding new sterling silver hip hop animal pendants so be sure to check back with us constantly for the hottest pendant styles. If you don’t find what you’re looking for check our other platinum style hip hop pendant categories. For a more subtle look, try one of our sterling silver dog tag pendants. For those who want to express their faith, visit our collection of platinum edition religious pendants. But if you’re looking for an iced out symbol pendant like a skull or hip hop mic, try our collection of assorted hip hop pendants., your source for the latest and hottest hip hop jewelry and animal pendants.

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