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Dog Tag Pendants

Hip hop dog tag pendants are a simple way of commemorating our fallen heroes while looking stylish. Iced out dog tag pendants have blown up in not only the fashion industry but in hip hop. Hip hop artists can be seen wearing iced out diamond encrusted dog tag pendants in movies, music videos, and television shows. Most dog tags are fabricated from a corrosion-resistant metal like steel or silver and come in various shapes and sizes with a hole at one end to be worn on a ball chain. Dog tag pendants, or I.D. tags as they are known in the military, have a long and rich history.

Dog tags are worn by military personnel primarily for identification purposes and to provide basic medical information. A form of dog tags has been utilized by the military as far back as the American Civil War. During the American Civil War, soldiers would pin notes with their name and home address on the back of their coats. The trend led to several manufacturers producing steel pins with a soldier’s name and unit along with an inspiring phrase such as “Liberty, Union, and Equality.” The U.S. Army later required all military personnel to wear a dog tag with the soldier’s name, rank, company, regiment, or corps in 1906. A decade later the Army required that all soldiers wear two dog tags. One would stay with the soldier at all times while the other was given to his commanding officer if the soldier were to die in battle or become injured.

Since the early 1900’s dog tag pendants have evolved to accommodate war conditions, yet they still serve the same purpose. Because of its history in the military, the dog tag pendant has come to represent courage, patriotism, and honor. It’s these values that presumably led to dog tag pendants being worn in hip hop.

Hip hop artists wear dog tags to convey their integrity and strength, with some added bling for style. Hip hop dog tags come in various shapes, materials, colors and sizes. A hip hop artist like 50 Cent will sport an iced out solid gold or platinum dog tag covered with diamonds. A real diamond hip hop dog tag pendant, as seen on celebrities or hip hop artists, can run for thousands of dollars. For the hip hop fan on a budget, KingIce.com offers a wide collection of inexpensive iced out silver or steel dog tag pendants that look authentic. Our hip hop sterling silver dog tag pendants, in our designer jewelry section, includes pieces from world famous brands like Christian Audigier Jewelry and Ed Hardy. For a classic look sport one of our hip hop stainless steel dog tag pendants covered with sparkling cubic zirconia simulated diamonds. With our generous 90 day warranty you can try one of our hip hop stainless steel pendants or sterling silver pendants knowing that if you’re not satisfied with your item, you can return it within 90 days. Why wait? Show others you’re ready for war with a KingIce.com hip hop dog tag pendant.