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Hip Hop Rings

Treat yourself to some remarkable jewelry with our collection of rings for men. Our silver and plated hip hop rings are enriched with cubic zirconia diamond stones and a high-end rhodium finish for the platinum, white gold shine. These iced out bling bling men's rings are inspired by world renowned designer jewelry worn by celebrities, like David Beckham, Nelly, P. Diddy, Jay-Z, 50-Cent, Kanye West and many more! We carry a large variety of alternative metal men's jewelry including tungsten carbide rings, titanium wedding bands, and steel rings that are great for that special day.

Hip Hop Sterling Silver Rings
We carry the highest quality of hip hop CZ sterling silver rings on the face of this planet! From simple yet bossy rings to heavily iced out rings, our assorted sterling silver rings with cubic zirconia stones sparkle like flawless real diamonds. True hip jewelry collectors will want to add one of these phat sterling silver bling male rings to their collection. For a look that is sure to turn heads, view our collection of pinky sterling silver rings for guys. Our most recent rings feature micro pave set rings with black cubic zirconia diamonds.

Blackout Hip Hop Men's Rings
Continuing with the same quality black cubic zirconia stones are our men's blackout rings. These rings are the hottest thing right now! Introduced in early 2010, these blackout ring designs only get better and better! Some are made from affordable brass materials and others with sterling silver with a rich black rhodium coating. Currently our blackout rings are only available for men. Stay tuned for a women's collection!

Platinum Style Silver Rhodium Plated Rings
This collection offers an affordable alternative to the rings made from sterling silver. These rings also feature bright cubic zirconia stones that are designed with hip hop influences.

Gold Plated Bling Rings
Yellow gold jewelry is making a comeback but has always been hot and will stick till the end of time. Visit your favorite hip hop website and you'll spot rappers including Lil Wayne, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, and Rick Ross favoring yellow gold jewelry. Guys, get your gold plated rings today before they're all gone. Browse through this collection for the latest hip hop gold plated rings, and gold style skull rings

Tungsten Carbide Rings
Get married with style with these virtually unbreakable tungsten rings for men. Their sleek design and top of the line quality makes these great wedding band rings. Personalize your favorite ring by adding jewelry engraving to it!

Titanium Men’s Wedding Bands
We've got a great collection of men's titanium bands! Titanium is a light, scratch resistant, strong material used in various industries ranging from aerospace to sports equipment.

Stainless Steel Rings
Stainless steel jewelry has reestablished itself in the world jewelry market with these new sleek, simple, and contemporary styles offered at KingIce.com. These modern rings can be used for a wedding or for casual wear. Our steel men's wedding band rings are affordable and have the same hypoallergenic and durability properties like our tungsten rings and titanium rings. Get married without blowing up your budget with KingIce's stainless steel rings!

Sterling Silver Wedding Bands
Celebrate that special moment with these affordable sterling silver wedding band rings! These silver band rings are high polished and made of solid sterling silver. Some men use these wedding band rings as thumb ring for style. Either way these rings, for men or women, are ideal for those in need of a classic stylish ring.

Ladies Bling Rings
Surprise your loved ones with our designer style solid silver ladies hip hop rings. These celebrity inspired women’s rings are made of high quality material in different shapes and colors. Celebrate her birthdays and anniversaries with our women's bling bling rings!

Black Ceramic Rings
Contemporary and cool, black ceramic rings are heavier than titanium rings, but lighter than tungsten rings. Follow the latest contemporary jewelry trends and be the first one out there with these sleek black ceramic rings.

Black Zirconium Rings
Unique in their own ways, these brand new black zirconium rings offer a great glossy shine.

Pinky Rings
King Ice offers a unique line of pinky rings for men in popular colors like black, yellow gold, and silver. Pinky rings are not for everyone. Only the confident and brave can pull these off with style. Wear it with confidence and people will automatically know who's boss.

Buying a guy a ring as a gift? Be sure to grab a ring gift box for the perfect presentation! Gift boxes available in wood, leatherette, satin and more.