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Titanium Rings

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Set Descending Direction

Titanium Wedding Rings

King Ice is offering the latest in modern metal jewelry with our collection of men's titanium wedding rings. Titanium is a light weight durable metal used heavily in a number of industries. Known for their strength and beauty, titanium wedding rings have become part of the latest men's jewelry trend. Titanium jewelry, in general, has become more and more popular in fashion. As men's jewelry design evolves, new ways of expressing style with masculine influence have emerged. Titanium rings are at the forefront of this wave of creativity. Metallic styled modern designed titanium wedding bands are complimentary to men's fashion. Featuring high end cubic zirconia diamond simulated stones, titanium rings are great for daily use at the office or in the field. Titanium jewelry exudes the confidence as an accessory to a night out on the town.

Men's titanium wedding rings are designed with an emphasis on modern sophistication. They are also great with any outfit from business suits to the latest is hip hop gear. Highly scratch resistant, permanently shiny and practically indestructible, titanium rings are a must have for any hip hop jewelry collector. Enjoy our collection including black titanium rings, titanium bracelets go well with titanium rings as can be found on Take advantage of our extended warranties and enjoy your men's titanium ring.