Wooden Necklaces

The wooden necklace jewelry fashion trend started picking up in the year 2010 when the designers at Good Wood NYC began pumping out more and more wooden necklaces. These wooden necklaces gained momentum due to hip hop artists and rappers rocking these high end wood necklaces. Pretty soon, the entire world was consumed with getting a custom made wood piece done. If it not custom made, then it would be the wooden Jesus piece. After the wooden Jesus piece was released, the wooden Africa map took the community by storm. Many celebrities began rocking these pieces such as Nas, Snoop Dogg, and many more!

At King Ice, we understand that it may be difficult to fork out $80 dollars for painted wooden jewelry. So instead of purchasing a Kanye West wood Jesus piece for $80, we looked around the world for manufacturers that would make something similar to the Good Wood pieces. In the middle of 2010, we came across such a company. We found a variety of colorful hip hop wooden necklaces that includes Jesus pieces, Africa map pendants, and even wooden hip hop rosaries! The most unique wooden rosaries have in our product line have got to be our hip hop Jesus piece rosaries. They feature the either a Jesus piece head or a religious cross or even both. Our wooden necklace collection is constantly growing so check back often.

King Ice offers these affordable wooden hip hop necklaces for all hip hop fashion fans. Although these hip hop wooden Jesus pieces don’t have a brand to them, we do offer authentic GoodWoodNYC wooden necklaces at a great price!