Wedding Bands

Silver Wedding Band Rings Are Here To Stay

Sterling silver wedding band rings are a standard accessory for married men, expressing fidelity to the institution of marriage. The practice of exchanging wedding rings is an established tradition with its roots in the idea that the circular shape of the ring represents the life long commitment made between man couples. Women's rings tend to be high end gold rings with diamonds, whereas traditionally men wear plain band rings usually in gold or silver. In many cases the groom will have both a gold ring and a silver wedding band ring. The gold ring may be used for the marriage ceremony itself as opposed to everyday usage which would be more appropriate for the silver band ring. In general, sterling silver band rings are also worn as a fashion accessory. Some of the wider rings are often worn on the thumb. Because silver band rings are simple they tend to work well with any style. The popularity of silver rings is directly tied to both affordability and durability. Unlike their gold and platinum counterparts silver band rings can be used without worrying about losing a major investment. You can buy several sterling silver ring for the price of one gold ring. They are the perfect substitute as the silver color and polished surface look very similar to other more expensive materials.

Our plain silver bands are available from size 5 to 14. The average sizes for the men's ring finger are size 8, 9, and 10. Size 11 and 12 are normally used as thumb rings. Before buying a men's silver ring online you should size your finger at the local jewelry . You can also add a personal touch to your silver jewelry with our engraving service. The most common engraving is usually reference the names of the bride and groom along with the wedding date. Note that engraved wedding bands are personal and are therefore not refundable. The width varies from 4mm to 10mm, with most common wedding band rings being 6mm, 7mm and 8mm. There are many women who also buy silver wedding band rings in 4mm and 5mm. They can go well with a similarly styled bangle or compliment a nice right hand ring. Made with the highest level of .925 solid sterling silver the craftsmanship of our silver band rings is high quality. All of our sterling silver band rings feature a polished surface and a .925 stamp indicating authenticity.

We also carry a number of men's sterling silver rings also referred to as hip hop silver cz rings with cubic zirconia. These pieces are definitely more bling bling in style attracting that extra attention from onlookers. Shop for a suitable jewelry gift box for your wedding band ring in our jewelry gift box accessory category. Our large collection of jewelry gift boxes includes cherry wood ring jewelry boxes, red Cartier leather bracelet boxes, black genuine leather necklace boxes, and more. At King Ice we offer generous warranties, great service and quality. Get started and try one our sterling silver wedding band rings today.