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Shizzy Sixx

Stage Name: Shizzy Sixx
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Where to find him: http://www.youtube.com/CallmeSixx
  We interviewed Shizzy Sixx for KingIce.com and here is what he had to say.
King Ice: Talk about your family background, age, location and musical influences.
Shizzy Sixx My name is Shizzy Sixx, I'm a 20 years old Entertainer out of Brooklyn, NYC. Ethnically I'm a bit of a mutt. I'm Guyanese, Dominican, Portuguese and Japanese. When it comes to musician, I idolize Los, Royce Da 5'9, Crooked I, Joe Buden, Eminem, Joell Ortiz, Fabolous, Lloyd Banks and Cory Gunz.
King Ice Describe your daily life as an artist and how you got started.
Shizzy Sixx Daily life for me is pretty awkward, when I'm not at home relaxing, sleeping like a bum or writing music. I'm outside acting ignorant with my friends. Everyday is something wild and it’s really hard to pinpoint EXACTLY one thing to discuss, ya know? I got started on music strangely, I've always been a freestyler in school but it'd be for jokes, ya know? I'd freestyle about the lunch, a teacher or someone I didn’t like while they were there, haha. One day I decided to write a verse, just to try it and well, it has evolved from that onto my life.
King Ice What do you think of hip hop today?
Shizzy Sixx Hip Hop is at a pretty diverse state right now. The amount of subgenres within it is crazy, some appeals to me and others don’t but that’s what music is, ya know? Finding what you enjoy. It’s at a pretty fine state, I do wish it was more about skill with the pen nowadays, but hey, it is what it is, right?
King Ice Name some new artists/producers that you really like.
Shizzy Sixx New?! Uh... tough call.... No one NEW really has my caught my attention besides Childish Gambino. As producer wise, I like Jahlil beats and Cardiak.
King Ice How do you describe your style of music?
Shizzy Sixx Depends on how I'm feeling but my TRADEMARK style of music is ROWDY, WILD AND UPBEAT!!!!!!!
King Ice What type of equipment do you use?
Shizzy Sixx I get all of my audio work done with Adobe Audition, a Samson mic, a laptop and a LOT of effort.
King Ice Which artists have you worked with?
Shizzy Sixx Countless artists thus far, but a few in particular I'd like to point out are Derez, Certt, Street Light, Lil Crazed, Brandon Ericson, Jay Allen, and my little brothers Graphik, PHONZZ, Deuce B, Delazoo, Hollywood Kazz, Johnny Rockz and Krymez.
King Ice As a producer, DJ or rapper, talk about your first live show and how it went, if any?
Shizzy Sixx Pffffffftttt oh my, uh it was about 2 summers ago. It wasn't my show, I was just a featured verse for an already performing act but it went AWESOME. About 100 people were there and seeing the feel that they got when I started spitting made me feel GREAT!
King Ice Have you had any experience with groupies? How did it go down?
Shizzy Sixx Not around my area. Girls around here know me and know if they get abrasive the shut down will be hurtful. INTERNET WISE OMG!!!!! I go through some of the thirstiest, sex crazed, awkward women known to humanity. I've been told thing that they'll do to me if they see me as well as asked to do things to this women and for some reason they have a strange attraction to my hair and piercings but hey whatever works right? LMAO.
King Ice What makes your music special?
Shizzy Sixx My charisma and attitude is what makes my music special. I make the music that makes you wanna put on your flyist outfit, go outside and stunt or grab a bat go outside and break cars.
King Ice Currently, how do you manage to generate income from your music, if any?
Shizzy Sixx I charge $50 for collabs. with other artists and everything else is made via Youtube.
King Ice What is your plan to reach your musical and financial goals?
Shizzy Sixx Continue down the path I'm on. Bodying every contest I see, featuring on songs and making good music on my own. Everything will fall into place as God sends the pieces.

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