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Women's Hip Hop Earrings

Women's hip hop silver earrings are growing in variety and popularity as women hip hop fans around the world express themselves through bling jewelry design. We offer a great collection of women's hip hop earrings made in sterling silver. Although much of hip hop jewelry fashion is targeted towards men, women make up a large segment of hip hop fans.

Going back to the beginnings of hip hop fashion and music, rappers like LL Cool J used to talk about girls wearing bamboo earrings. Today women are more sophisticated and want more variety in their earring fashion. In the context of hip hop, ladies sterling silver earrings can be large and exploding with color. Or they can be understated and more traditional.

Our line of ladies hip hop earrings simply cater a well designed sterling silver earring line to women who are inspired by hip hop jewelry fashion. All of these earrings are made in high quality sterling silver. A .925 stamp indicates the authenticity of the materials used. To compliment your earrings you might consider a women's bling bracelet or floss the ladies in women's iced out silver rings. Take advantage of our warranties, great quality and craftsmanship and try a pair of our women's hip hop earrings.