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      Lyrical Gems: Xxxtentacion, 7 Ways The Late Artist Inspired Us

      Lyrical Gems: Xxxtentacion, 7 Ways The Late Artist Inspired Us

      XXXtentacion Legendary Artist


      Face it. We’ve all quoted our favorite lyrics for various reasons on social media at least once in our lives. We even go as far as turning said lyrics into seemingly sound advice for our family and friends. In our first edition of this editorial series, we delve into some of our favorite Xxxtentacion lyrics - quoting the ones that could possibly help you get through some of life’s moments.
      1.) “Hate Will Never Win
      Wanna fight for my future, it’s right in my hands.
      As humans, we tend to assume that we have no control over our own futures. But in actuality, we kind of do have that power. We make choices every day that affect our goals - that ultimately determines are successes, our futures. Nobody else holds the cards that life has dealt us. It’s in our hands.
      2.) “Hope
      So what’s up? What you say? Feelin’ good, I’m feelin’ great. Tired of the f*ckin’ hate, stackin’ cheese all on my plate.
      This is pretty straight forward. Why fill our lives with so much hate, when we can fill it with riches instead. Here, we assume he means “money” when he says “cheese,” but I’d like to think that it can be generalized into riches - both material and internal. Stop expelling your energy towards the negative and start stacking up on goals, love, good vibes, money, etc.
      3.) “what are you so afraid of?
      What are you so afraid of? Is it love, or wasting your time?
      Fear is a mothaf*cka. Especially when it comes to our hearts. We’re either too scared of love, itself (the thought of commitment, sadly, frightens some people), or the possibility of having our times wasted by someone we thought loved us back. Love is pretty much a gamble. But don’t be p*ssy. Is it not worth a try?
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      4.) “Tightrope
      Forgive what’s said in fear. And all I ask of you is hear.
      We say things out of anger, despair, exhaustion, love, and yes, even fear. Forgive people anyways. But also, listen and pay attention to what is said, read between the lines, and find the source of the statement. Listen.
      5.) “Let’s Pretend We’re Numb
      As a fair warning to everyone listening to this song. I advice you to not hide your feelings. Don’t pretend to be okey when you’re not okay.
      While this wasn’t really a lyric, per se, the introductory statement sums up the song’s message. And boy can I relate. I’m sure others can as well. We’ve been taught to hide our feelings because vulnerability is “weak.” But XXX advises us to do the opposite. You know when you shake up a closed bottle of soda, and then open it, the drink literally explodes? That’s sort of like how feelings are when you bottle it all up inside you when there’s no outlet for release.
      6.) “You’re Thinking Too Much, Stop It
      Sex talk make your legs shake. Eat it good, so what’s heartbreak? All you think about is that p*ssy feel.
      I mean, we’re adults, right? Sometimes sex keeps our mind off things - such as heartbreak in this case. Be open with your sexuality, folks. Just be safe. As the song’s title suggests, some you are just thinking too much. Just do it.
      7.) “Up Like An Insomniac (Freestyle)
      No, I don’t want to be friends with none of you f*ckin’ aliens. I’m predator, n**ga.
      We can’t be friends with everybody, especially when it comes to competition. This lyric could be an ego booster, and source of motivation. Stop comparing yourself to other people, essentially, because you’re on a different level. This type of mindset is so necessary when trying to push through self doubt, and/or dealing with fake people. Me, and you? We are not alike.
      We can literally go on for days with the amount of material XXX has released over his short-lived career (RIP). And his lyrics definitely hold weight as mental gems for certain scenarios we face in life. Our exclusive “XXX Legend” necklace also holds some  weight.
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