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      King Ice Drops 2nd Death Row Records Jewelry Collection

      King Ice Drops 2nd Death Row Records Jewelry Collection

      Celebrating West Coast Hip-Hop

      King Ice, the Los Angeles-based jewelry brand, has laced some of the most notable hip-hop acts over the last decade including Wu-Tang Clan, Chief Keef, Odd Future and Snoop Dogg with their ice. They’ve also collaborated with the likes of Playstation, Spongebob Squarepants and Champion. With their roots in music and pop culture, it comes as no surprise that the brand has been tapped to deliver a new collection of Death Row Records jewelry.

      Death Row Records, the iconic record label founded by Suge Knight in 1991, is responsible for delivering iconic albums and artists into the fold, establishing a new era of West Coast hip-hop with artists such as Dr. Dre, Tupac, Snoop Dogg and more. Paying homage to the label, the collection features a XL Death Row Records pendant, a Death Row Records spinner medallion and a Death Row Records chain set.


      King Ice makes its chains, pendants, bracelets and earrings with hand set stones and cutting edge technology to create hip hop jewelry that captures the true essence of the culture. All men’s pendants come plated in 14K gold or rhodium to provide premium shine and protection. The pendants also include hand set stones that come placed along a micro pave setting to create better design layouts.

      The Death Row Records x King Ice jewelry collection is available now for prices starting at $100 USD

      via HypeBeast:

      D.O.C on Inspired By Culture with Steve Murray

      Co-Founder of Death Row, The D.O.C. | Inspired By Culture

      Hip hop legend, member of N.W.A., and co-founder of Death Row Records, The D.O.C. sits down with @SteveMurray2 in this exclusive episode of Inspired by Culture to speak on his past and his role in starting Death Row, meeting Suge Knight, Working with Eazy-E, and more. Touching on topics such as his relationship to Tupac, growing in the industry with Suge Knight and Dr. Dre, working on the F**k The Police record, and Helping Snoop Dogg become what he is today. 

      See Death Row Records Collection:

      Death Row Records Chain


      Legendary West Coast Record Label: Death Row Jewelry Collection

      Legendary West Coast Record Label: Death Row Jewelry Collection

      Death Row Records Jacket

      LOS ANGELES, Calif. (March 7th, 2019) - King Ice, the LA-based streetwear jewelry brand known for creating culture-inspired wearable art, is releasing an official Death Row Records jewelry collection, celebrating the infamous and influential west coast record label.

       Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg Circa 1993

      Death Row Records was one of the most significant and prominent labels in music history. Founded in 1991 by Marion “Suge” Hugh Knight Jr. and Michael “Harry O” Harris, it released seminal recordings by superstars like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac Shakur and its cultural impact was monumental.

      King Ice Co-Founder Derek Belay states, “Almost two decades after the birth of Death Row Records, this collab makes it possible for admirers to rock the label’s infamous logo chain and celebrate the west coast Hip Hop revolution that Death Row Records established.” 

      Death Row Records Chains
      The Death Row Record logo necklace will be available in two versions, in a white gold or 14K yellow gold finish iced out with clear VVS Diamond simulates paired with a 24” 8mm stainless steel Cuban chain. The second version will have a solid white gold or 14K gold finish without stones also paired with a 24” 8mm stainless steel Cuban chain.

       Cuong Diep

      King Ice Co-Founder and head designer Cuong Diep says, “We used state of the art 3D technology uncommon in the street wear jewelry market to create a highly detailed, quality design bringing this historical logo to life.”

       The Real Mike Zombie with Death Row Chain

      These logo necklaces will each retail for $120. For those with a bigger bag, the $8,000 Solid 14K gold and diamond Death Row logo necklace and the $5,000 14K solid gold Death Row logo necklace are available for purchase.  LA icons Snoop Dogg and The Game have recently been seen wearing these.

      Mizz Butler in Death Row Records Campaign

       Death Row Records Chain in 14k Gold

      Purchase new pieces from the Death Row Records collection on 3/7 at

      About King Ice:
      Having worked with Hip Hop and rap royalty like Wu-Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg, and The Game amongst others, along with properties like Champion, Spongebob, PlayStation, Rick and Morty, King Ice remains the largest and most influential Hip Hop jewelry maker in the market. Based out of Los Angeles and founded in 2007, King Ice products have appeared in feature films, television, music videos, and magazines around the world. You can stay up to date with King Ice through their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


      Inside the Lions Den: Biggie, 2Pac, Snoop Dogg

      Inside the Lions Den: Biggie, 2Pac, Snoop Dogg

      Meet Aleck Christian, Hip-Hop Mural Artist

      Inside the King Ice Lions Den, meet the mural street artist Aleck Christian and Carla Ricci of Beautiful San Diego, who made it all possible. Arguably the best hip-hop street artist in the world, Aleck was invited to the King Ice office, near Los Angeles, CA., to paint what turned out to be a masterpiece. Directly on the interior walls of the entrance to the King Ice office is six larger than life, 10 feet murals of hip-hop legends Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls, 2Pac Shakur, Wu-Tang, Run D.M.C, Snoop Dogg, and Crowned Lion. We've already said too much so we'll let the work speak for itself.

      Instagram: @_carlotah and @aleck_christian

      Tupac and Biggie Spray Painted Mural


      Wu-Tang Mural

      Snoop Dogg Mural

      Run DMC Mural

      Los Angeles Mural Painting


      Aleck Christian Street Hip-Hop Artist

      2Pac Inspired Euphanasia Pendant, Is 2Pac still Alive?

      2Pac Inspired Euphanasia Pendant, Is 2Pac still Alive?

      The night of the Tyson/Seldon fight Tupac Shakur was wearing a large medallion that he had purchased containing $30,000 worth of diamonds which was 3 inches in diameter. The medallion itself isn't odd but the image on it is. The middle of it contained an emblem for "Euphanasia" the name of 2Pac's new company. It had a image of a muscular black angel of death on his knees with his head tilted down and on his back a huge pair of wings and a halo.

      Euphansia was 2Pac's take on Euthanasia which means an easy and painless death or a way to end suffering. This was the last chain Tupac was seen wearing alive and it's been said, "the energy of Pac lives within those who wear the Euphanasia necklace."


      14k White Gold Euphanasia Pendant

      14k White Gold Euphanasia Pendant

      14k Gold CZ Diamond Euphanasia Pendant

      14k Gold CZ Diamond Euphanasia Pendant