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      bLAck pARty Needs His Rings At All Times

      bLAck pARty Needs His Rings At All Times

      Photo credit: Manny Singh

      bLAck pARty
      is carving his own lane in the music industry, pushing his own genre of “tropical funk.” Experimenting with different sounds from dancehall to reggae to R&B, real name Malik Flint has been surrounded by music his entire life. After getting his feet wet producing for Kari Faux, he caught the attention of Donald Glover who eventually would sign him to his Wolf + Rothstein label.

      Last year, the Arkansas-bred, Los Angeles-based artist released “Dancing,” one of his biggest records to date. Now, he’s been locked in the lab in Long Beach working on even greater records for his growing fanbase.

      King Ice caught up with Malik to discuss his jewelry preferences, and the different types of rings he likes.

      What’s your go-to jewelry accessories?

      Probably a ring. I like to put on rings, or even a tiny necklace. I like tiny necklaces.


      What does your necklace say? 

      It's my middle initial, P for Perry.


      What rings do you like?

      I like silver rings. I like rings with crystals on them, like jade or onyx. Different crystals, even the Native American style rings. Skater company rings, I always try to get.