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      News — camp flog gnaw

      Camp Flog Gnaw Returns to Los Angeles

      Camp Flog Gnaw Returns to Los Angeles

      Camp Flog Gnaw returns to Los Angeles for the eighth year in a row. This year, it took over the parking lot to Dodger Stadium for an explosive two days (November 8th and 9th) of live music, festival games, carnival rides, endless and exclusive merch, and of course, dank food and drinks. If you’re walking around with a churro, you’re living your best life.

      Day one proved to be one hell of a ride, from parking miles away to having to get your credentials and going through security. Once you were inside, it was even more confusing trying to find your footing — but once you did, it was up from there. Our first stop wasn’t even the performances, but YG’s Bompton pop-up for his new line Black and White. The “Go Loko” artist was in-store to take pictures with fans as they lined up one by one. Surprisingly, YG was rocking a white Bompton crewneck, khaki Dickies, and hard bottoms — with 0 jewelry. No chain, no earrings, nothing.

      Tyler, The Creator’s set was definitely the most highly-anticipated, he is the festival founder after all. Rocking a bright colored fit and fedora, similar to his outfit on IGOR, the Los Angeles rapper came through drippin’ with a fire multi-colored IGOR chain — a portrait of himself rocking the blond wig.

      Day two was the most anticipated with the special guest headlining under ??? on the bill. While most people wanted Frank Ocean, multiple sources confirmed it was actually Drake. By now, you knew where everything was on the festival grounds, enjoying the carnival games and free rides. This was every teenager’s (and adult’s) dream: being able to play and watch their favorite artists.

      Following HER’s performance across the way, YG took the main stage and brought the West Coast to life in his hard bottoms. His special guest of the evening was Shoreline Mafia who performed bangers “Musty” and “Bands.” The Bompton rapper not only performed all his hits, but entertained the crowd with his endless jokes and ratchet comments.

      But the stand out moment of the night was when he brought out Stormy Daniels to the stage before “FDT.” This was the porn star who fucked Trump! YG is a savage.

      Finally, the grand finale. Tyler, The Creator graces the stage to announce he had three friends to bring out: A$AP Rocky, Lil Uzi, then Drizzy (in that order). The crazy part of it all is that fans were mad it wasn’t Frank Ocean — even proceeding to boo Drake! The disrespect. 

      Drizzy still did his thing though. He was in a all-black sweatsuit with some VVS poking out from under his black shirt. Keeping it cute with the chain tucked in!

      He then took a moment from his endless catalog of hits to shout out Tyler and the fact that he came from nothing, and successfully threw another Camp Flog Gnaw for the 8th year in a row.