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      Tim Westwood Shares Previously Unreleased Eminem & Proof Freestyle

      Tim Westwood Shares Previously Unreleased Eminem & Proof Freestyle

      First things first, R.I.P Proof.

      Twenty years ago, Proof and long-time friend and collaborator, Eminem, recorded a freestyle from Tim Westwood’s “New York Live” with Marley Marl. And today, Mr. Westwood blesses us with the previously unreleased gem. At the time, Em was promoting his newly released, “The Slim Shady LP,” and D12 was readying its debut album.

      The unearthed freestyle was released in honor of its 10th anniversary.

      Despite his at-times complex rhyming patterns, Eminem keeps his style simple. When it comes to jewelry, the successful rapper is never too flashy, either.

      During his highly publicized BET Freestyle a few years back, Eminem sported a gold rope chain to accentuate his all black 'fit. 

      Again with the all black, Em sports a silver dog tag necklace, here. 

      Proof wasn't too flashy, himself, but made sure his piece was bold enough to stand on its on - like this Old English Letter "P" chain.