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      D. Muñoz "I Love Jewelry, It Just Makes The Outfit Better"

      D. Muñoz "I Love Jewelry, It Just Makes The Outfit Better"

      Move over Justin Beiber, there’s a new male heartthrob in town. D. Muñoz hails from Bayonne, a small town in New Jersey, and was raised by a single mother. The Colombian and Dominican singer-songwriter actually reveals having his mother with him at all times, thanks to her picture in his necklace.


      Inking a new deal with Epic Records, the future is extremely bright for the 20-year-old. Most recently, he unleashed his new EP titled MOMENTS, his major label debut.



       How would you describe your style as it relates to jewelry? 

      Very streetwear and urban. I love street clothing, graphic tees. I like being comfy. Sweatpants. Some Fear of God sweatpants, you can’t go wrong with those. I love sneakers, Jordans, Bape, all that fly stuff. I’m not boujee yet, but when we get there the Prada, the Gucci, the Louie. I got on a Dolce jacket right now. 


      I see your chain peeping through!

      Yeah, I got my mom on my necklace. I got my mom with me at all times. I always wear this necklace.


      As an artist do you feel like you have to wear jewelry?

      I don’t feel like as an artist, I have to wear jewelry. Jewelry is a part of me. When I don’t have on jewelry, I feel weird. I feel naked in a way. I love jewelry, it just makes the outfit better.


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