SUPERDOPE Q is Ready to Level Up with a Diamond Watch

SUPERDOPE Q is Ready to Level Up with a Diamond Watch

SuperDopeQ is a multi-talented celebrity stylist, rapper, reality TV star, and overall entertainer. As a queer in the industry, the Milwaukee native has worked, grinded, and hustled his way into the place he’s in now. First getting his start assisting the CEO of Black Ink Crew, he has since become a cast member on the show and is now focused on his music career more than ever.
October 27, 2020 — Shirley Ju
BLAC CHYNA Loves Her DIamond Ring

BLAC CHYNA Loves Her DIamond Ring

Blac Chyna needs no introduction. Boasting 16.3 million followers on Instagram alone, the Washington D.C. native is an established TV personality, model, multiple business owner, mother to 2 beautiful kids, and now an artist. While she’s always been surrounded by the greats in the industry, she’s finally unleashed her own records.
September 04, 2020 — Shirley Ju
Fast Cash Boyz Reppin’ Their Chains In Los Angeles

Fast Cash Boyz Reppin’ Their Chains In Los Angeles

Fast Cash Boyz are here to become the greatest rap group in hip-hop history. Hailing from Memphis, the FCB consist of neighborhood friends C-Money, TP Stacks, Money, and C Jizzle. The crazy part is all 4 of them came up with famed producer Tay Keith, recording tracks in the closet before he blew up.

With each member coming out the trenches and making a life for themselves through music, FCB are on the brink of breaking through to the mainstream. Now, they release their highly-anticipated joint tape with Tay Keith titled F*ck the Cash Up. The project is spearheaded by lead single “Bad Habits,” co-produced by Murda Beatz. 

King Ice caught up with the Fast Cash Boyz who was recording a music video in Los Angeles during quarantine.  The only person who wasn’t rocking his FCB chain was Money, who accidentally left it back home in Memphis.

I like those FCB chains, how much were they?

All: A lot!

C Jizzle: A pretty penny. It looks different too.

Where’s yours at? [to Money]

Money: I fucked up, I left it back home in Memphis by mistake. It’s wild.

C Jizzle: It’s all good, all this shit ain’t nothing but a plus.

C Money: We make the chains, the chains don’t make us. It doesn’t mean anything. This jewelry shit comes with the rap game. We were doing this when we had no chains! We had a million views with no chains.

You guys have bottles on bottles.

C Money: Bel Air sponsors us! Appreciate that Bel Air.

C Jizzle: We drink liquor, that’s what we like. Liquor and beats.


bLAck pARty Needs His Rings At All Times

bLAck pARty Needs His Rings At All Times

Photo credit: Manny Singh

bLAck pARty
is carving his own lane in the music industry, pushing his own genre of “tropical funk.” Experimenting with different sounds from dancehall to reggae to R&B, real name Malik Flint has been surrounded by music his entire life. After getting his feet wet producing for Kari Faux, he caught the attention of Donald Glover who eventually would sign him to his Wolf + Rothstein label.

Last year, the Arkansas-bred, Los Angeles-based artist released “Dancing,” one of his biggest records to date. Now, he’s been locked in the lab in Long Beach working on even greater records for his growing fanbase.

King Ice caught up with Malik to discuss his jewelry preferences, and the different types of rings he likes.

What’s your go-to jewelry accessories?

Probably a ring. I like to put on rings, or even a tiny necklace. I like tiny necklaces.


What does your necklace say? 

It's my middle initial, P for Perry.


What rings do you like?

I like silver rings. I like rings with crystals on them, like jade or onyx. Different crystals, even the Native American style rings. Skater company rings, I always try to get.


King Ice Drops 2nd Death Row Records Jewelry Collection

King Ice Drops 2nd Death Row Records Jewelry Collection

Celebrating West Coast Hip-Hop

King Ice, the Los Angeles-based jewelry brand, has laced some of the most notable hip-hop acts over the last decade including Wu-Tang Clan, Chief Keef, Odd Future and Snoop Dogg with their ice. They’ve also collaborated with the likes of Playstation, Spongebob Squarepants and Champion. With their roots in music and pop culture, it comes as no surprise that the brand has been tapped to deliver a new collection of Death Row Records jewelry.

Death Row Records, the iconic record label founded by Suge Knight in 1991, is responsible for delivering iconic albums and artists into the fold, establishing a new era of West Coast hip-hop with artists such as Dr. Dre, Tupac, Snoop Dogg and more. Paying homage to the label, the collection features a XL Death Row Records pendant, a Death Row Records spinner medallion and a Death Row Records chain set.


King Ice makes its chains, pendants, bracelets and earrings with hand set stones and cutting edge technology to create hip hop jewelry that captures the true essence of the culture. All men’s pendants come plated in 14K gold or rhodium to provide premium shine and protection. The pendants also include hand set stones that come placed along a micro pave setting to create better design layouts.

The Death Row Records x King Ice jewelry collection is available now for prices starting at $100 USD

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September 06, 2019 — Steve Murray Sesay
How King Ice Celebrated SpongeBob's 20th Anniversary

How King Ice Celebrated SpongeBob's 20th Anniversary

SpongeBob 20th Anniversary

With SpongeBob's 20th Anniversary under way, take a look at how King Ice celebrated with true fans and supporters who forever have the squishy bright yellow square sea sponge enriched in their heart. On July 10th, King Ice had an under water sea activation take place on Melrose Ave in Hollywood/Fairfax area at the BAIT pop-up shop. Hundreds flowed through the venue enjoying the experience of custom made SpongeBob cupcakes, unique selfie stations, and viewed unreleased items from the King Ice x SpongeBob collection. Take a look at a few of our favorite images from the night!



August 22, 2019 — Steve Murray Sesay


Champion athletic wear company recently opened its first U.S. retail store in Los Angeles, CA in the La Brea fashion district. Outside the flagship store were hundreds of loyal supporters of the fashion brand looking to purchase an exclusive assortment of the new Champion collection. While waiting in line, dozens of supporters won custom jewelry from King Ice as well as limited edition releases including pieces from the Live Nation ODD Future collection. 

"Thanks to a series of well planned strategic collaborations and the fact that celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid have been adopting the brand's sweatshirts, a new generation of consumers have pulled the hundred-year-old brand out of a slump," according to Cassidy Mantor from Fashion Network.

Champion's Flagship is located at 123 South La Brea Avenue in LA.

New King Ice Champion Jewelry collection expected to be released June 26, 2018.

January 03, 2019 — Steve Murray Sesay
2 New Drops You Must Have in Your Collection: Superman, Aquaman

2 New Drops You Must Have in Your Collection: Superman, Aquaman

This week’s new releases began with a Justice League collaboration that nods to the original 1941 DC Comics character, Aquaman and the world renown Superman.
February 08, 2018 — Steve Murray Sesay