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      News — Gold Chain

      Gunna And Jordyn Woods Co-Star in “Baby Birkin” Video

      Gunna And Jordyn Woods Co-Star in “Baby Birkin” Video

      Hip Hop meets High Fashion in Gunna’s new video for his single “Baby Birkin.”

      TV show personality, Jordyn Woods, stars in the Spike Jordan directed visual that finds Gunna, Jordyn, and some ladies in the middle of the hills in a highly cinematic clip - looking like a scene out of a Vogue fashion shoot. While the ladies are seen in the transitioning scenes walking through the barren land, posing next to Gunna, and riding on a carousel, the “Drip or Drown 2” rapper gets dappered up for his performance shots.

      In the first half of the video, as he’s dressed in all red, Gunna is spotted with multiple gold chains, a pair of statement shades, gold bracelets, and a couple rings on each hand, as he carries a bag full of cash. Closing out the video, he trades in his red ‘fit for a yellow suit that he pairs with darker shades, and more jewelry.

      Watch below! 

      Hip Hop & The Gold Chain.

      Hip Hop & The Gold Chain.

      Today, there’s no denying that Hip Hop and jewelry are ubiquitous. And the relationship between the two has grown stronger over the years. The culture that was birthed from stories of struggle is now in a space to celebrate its progression – and status. And rappers will continue to use jewelry as a symbol of success.

      From Kurtis Blow sporting multiple gold chains on the cover of his debut album to LL Cool J’s gold rope chains, Notorious B.I.G.’s massive gold Jesus piece designed by Tito the Jeweler, to iconic record label logos embossed in gold and diamonds – gold chains and Hip Hop became synonymous. 

      Early pioneers of the culture would have never imagined this shift. From what started as a creative medium for the oppressed, subjected and under-represented, to a full-blown culture that boasts its success and wealth with hefty gold chains.

      But before all of this even started – did you know that the earliest record of gold chains takes us back to ancient Egypt? Legend has it that they wore gold chains to scare away evil spirits and for good luck. Many wars were also fought over gold – it represented strength, wealth and eternal love. Fast forward a couple of hundred years and the gold chain is now seen as a status, worth, time and dedication symbol.

      There are a few things that make a Hip Hop artist a dope - solid rhymes, a relentless flow, swagger - and Pt, Ag, Au, and C. For my geeks who got that, I appreciate you. For the ones still scratching their heads, that’s platinum, gold, silver, and carbon, which when compressed, forms a diamond. Elements that are synonymous with Hip Hop. 

      From the very beginning, gold has been a staple. 

      Move forward a few more years Hip Hop became an organized industry gold moved from a symbol of status to moving billboards for the artist. Take, for example, the Roc-A-Fella symbol worn by Jay-Z. Now, in the present, gold is still prevalent but it's not just worn as a chain - you can see it in artists mouths as "grillz" have become increasingly popular, or wrapped around their wrists, embedded in their eyewear, shoewear, etc.

      Times have changed but one thing still stands -- Hip Hop and gold will forever be indebted to each other. Think as the music as a form of the struggle and the gold is a representation of escaping it. 

      COMME des GARÇONS & Nike Team Up For New Collab

      COMME des GARÇONS & Nike Team Up For New Collab

      At Paris Fashion Week this past Spring, we got a sneak peak at the COMME des GARÇONS  and Nike Shox TL collaboration. Over the weekend, a release date was finally confirmed! The classic Nike Shox silhouette is dressed in an all black upper with a distressed Swoosh logo and bold, gold accents found on the detachable chain & logo accessory. Pieced together like a necklace, the chain locks into the Shox TL’s sole unit.

      The accessorized sneaker is dropping June 13th for $357 worldwide. If you’re in Japan, you can cop a pair at various CDG Aoyama stores now!

      For the sneaker and jewelry enthusiast, this pairing is the perfect must-have release. Check out more images of the collab below! 



      DJ Khaled Drops “Weather The Storm” Video w/ Meek Mill & Lil Baby

      DJ Khaled Drops “Weather The Storm” Video w/ Meek Mill & Lil Baby

      DJ Khaled has been on a roll, releasing seven videos for singles off his newly released, “Father of Asahd.” Last night, he unveiled the eighth and final video for “Weather the Storm.” The Meek Mill and Lil Baby assisted single received a black-and-white video treatment from director, Eif Rivera with some co-directing from Khaled, himself.

      The grittiness of the visuals compliment how impactful the message behind the lyrics are - which is a powerful testament to beating the odds. Backed by a church choir, we find Meek Mill in the opening scenes just moments before Lil Baby appears, giving his testimony.

      Clad in all black, Meek is spotted with a few gold chains as Lil baby also pairs his ‘fit with a hefty gold pendant



      Chris Brown Unveils "Wobble Up" Video Ft. Nicki Minaj & G-Eazy

      Chris Brown Unveils "Wobble Up" Video Ft. Nicki Minaj & G-Eazy

      Baby, show me that sh*t. Show me love. Wobble up!

      Chris Brown got us ready for all the Summer vibes in his new video for “Wobble Up.” The Nicki Minaj and G-Eazy assisted party banger is the perfect soundtrack for the upcoming season. Today, the official video was unveiled and it doesn’t fall short of expectations. Directed by Breezy, himself, along with Arrad, we find the trio of artists stranded on an island - that’s shaped like, well, a plump bottom.

      The energetic and vibrant clip features an energetic dance sequence in the opening scenes; transitioning between various routines from the male and female dancers. As Nicki’s verse rolls in, we find the head Barb in charge performing her fiery bars in a hot pink room. We also see her posing in front of a gigantic sand castle as Breezy stands by to watch.

      In the following scenes, we find G-Eazy delivering his featured verse, clad in a light gray/baby blue & white blazer with striped sleeves and a white tee. To match,  a gold chain and a couple of bracelets complete his 'fit - all while the dancers back him up.