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      News — gold rope chain

      Hip Hop & The Gold Chain.

      Hip Hop & The Gold Chain.

      Today, there’s no denying that Hip Hop and jewelry are ubiquitous. And the relationship between the two has grown stronger over the years. The culture that was birthed from stories of struggle is now in a space to celebrate its progression – and status. And rappers will continue to use jewelry as a symbol of success.

      From Kurtis Blow sporting multiple gold chains on the cover of his debut album to LL Cool J’s gold rope chains, Notorious B.I.G.’s massive gold Jesus piece designed by Tito the Jeweler, to iconic record label logos embossed in gold and diamonds – gold chains and Hip Hop became synonymous. 

      Early pioneers of the culture would have never imagined this shift. From what started as a creative medium for the oppressed, subjected and under-represented, to a full-blown culture that boasts its success and wealth with hefty gold chains.

      But before all of this even started – did you know that the earliest record of gold chains takes us back to ancient Egypt? Legend has it that they wore gold chains to scare away evil spirits and for good luck. Many wars were also fought over gold – it represented strength, wealth and eternal love. Fast forward a couple of hundred years and the gold chain is now seen as a status, worth, time and dedication symbol.

      There are a few things that make a Hip Hop artist a dope - solid rhymes, a relentless flow, swagger - and Pt, Ag, Au, and C. For my geeks who got that, I appreciate you. For the ones still scratching their heads, that’s platinum, gold, silver, and carbon, which when compressed, forms a diamond. Elements that are synonymous with Hip Hop. 

      From the very beginning, gold has been a staple. 

      Move forward a few more years Hip Hop became an organized industry gold moved from a symbol of status to moving billboards for the artist. Take, for example, the Roc-A-Fella symbol worn by Jay-Z. Now, in the present, gold is still prevalent but it's not just worn as a chain - you can see it in artists mouths as "grillz" have become increasingly popular, or wrapped around their wrists, embedded in their eyewear, shoewear, etc.

      Times have changed but one thing still stands -- Hip Hop and gold will forever be indebted to each other. Think as the music as a form of the struggle and the gold is a representation of escaping it. 

      Tim Westwood Shares Previously Unreleased Eminem & Proof Freestyle

      Tim Westwood Shares Previously Unreleased Eminem & Proof Freestyle

      First things first, R.I.P Proof.

      Twenty years ago, Proof and long-time friend and collaborator, Eminem, recorded a freestyle from Tim Westwood’s “New York Live” with Marley Marl. And today, Mr. Westwood blesses us with the previously unreleased gem. At the time, Em was promoting his newly released, “The Slim Shady LP,” and D12 was readying its debut album.

      The unearthed freestyle was released in honor of its 10th anniversary.

      Despite his at-times complex rhyming patterns, Eminem keeps his style simple. When it comes to jewelry, the successful rapper is never too flashy, either.

      During his highly publicized BET Freestyle a few years back, Eminem sported a gold rope chain to accentuate his all black 'fit. 

      Again with the all black, Em sports a silver dog tag necklace, here. 

      Proof wasn't too flashy, himself, but made sure his piece was bold enough to stand on its on - like this Old English Letter "P" chain. 

      Icewear Vezzo & Big Sean Link For “Balance” Video

      Icewear Vezzo & Big Sean Link For “Balance” Video

      A lot of n*ggas fallin' off, we still balance.

      Released back in February, Icewear Mezzo’s collaborative single, “Balance,” featurig Big Sean finally gets a video treatment - directed by Kid Art. The booming Dupri-produced cut finds Mezzo and Sean rapping effortlessly as they perform a balancing act on what appears to be a gold chain high up in the cityscape.

      Big Sean delivers an infectious hook with witty bars, to match, in each of his guest verses. Mezzo, of course, stands out with his distinct flow. The production is as captivating as the visuals.  

      Spotted in the video, of course, are the various pieces of jewelry both Icewear and Sean rock throughout their performance.

      We mentioned that a tightrope appears in the opening scenes that looks to be made out of a gold rope chain. Similar to our 14K Gold Stainless Steel Rope Chain seen below.

      In another scene, Big Sean is seen with a emerald gold ring with what appears to be diamonds circling the green centerpiece. 

      Big Sean

      At a quick glance, it could pass for our Emerald Crown Julz Ring. With clear CZ stones on the exterior of each Emerald CZ gemstone, the Julz represents the heart of one’s wealth while the 14K gold plating adds more value.