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      News — Hip Hop

      KnowKnow : "In China If You’re So Flexing, Everybody Will Hate You"

      KnowKnow : "In China If You’re So Flexing, Everybody Will Hate You"

      KnowKnow is far more than just a member of Higher Brothers. The Chinese rapper is here to break into the US market, most recently unleashing his new project titled Mr. Enjoy Da Money. The name itself gives you a sense of his personality, drive, and passion for music — dropping bars in both English and Chinese.

      King Ice caught up with KnowKnow in Los Angeles, who was rocking an iced out AP on his left wrist, diamonds on his fingers, and a chain tucked underneath his shirt. If this is the drip from China, KnowKnow proves he fits right in in the States.

      How would you describe your style as it relates to jewelry?

      Before, I used to wear super duper flex. Now, I wear lowkey flex. I just want a watch, a little bit of rings, and that’s just enough. 

      Lana (manager): He designed this [points to huge chain around neck]. It’s my Chinese name: spicy boss! 

      What do you look for in jewelry?

      My jewelry: some are from New York, some are from China, some are from Atlanta. Real diamonds, it’s VVS and VS1. Because we need to give a lot of people a good example. If you don’t have money and you buy something fake, don’t worry. You just keep working and one day, you can buy real diamonds.

      What was your first real diamond piece?

      I forget, it was a long time ago.

      I see a chain underneath your shirt!

      I just want to be lowkey. 

      Lana (manager): This was just gifted to him by the designer who creates the jewelry here [Shine Marketplace on Fairfax (first Chinese streetwear shop in the US)].

      KnowKnow: You see just a little bit, I think it’s enough. Because in China if you’re so flexing, everybody will hate you. If you flex, people will say bullshit to you. I like a detailed flex. Another name is a lowkey flex.

      What’s the most expensive piece of jewelry you own? 

      This one is $50K [points to AP watch]. 

      What do you want your legacy to be?

      I want to be the only one KnowKnow in the world. KnowKnow culture!

      What is it about KnowKnow that fans love?

      You know the tiger tattoo is cute, but also it’s very, very monster! 

      King Ice Drops 2nd Death Row Records Jewelry Collection

      King Ice Drops 2nd Death Row Records Jewelry Collection

      Celebrating West Coast Hip-Hop

      King Ice, the Los Angeles-based jewelry brand, has laced some of the most notable hip-hop acts over the last decade including Wu-Tang Clan, Chief Keef, Odd Future and Snoop Dogg with their ice. They’ve also collaborated with the likes of Playstation, Spongebob Squarepants and Champion. With their roots in music and pop culture, it comes as no surprise that the brand has been tapped to deliver a new collection of Death Row Records jewelry.

      Death Row Records, the iconic record label founded by Suge Knight in 1991, is responsible for delivering iconic albums and artists into the fold, establishing a new era of West Coast hip-hop with artists such as Dr. Dre, Tupac, Snoop Dogg and more. Paying homage to the label, the collection features a XL Death Row Records pendant, a Death Row Records spinner medallion and a Death Row Records chain set.


      King Ice makes its chains, pendants, bracelets and earrings with hand set stones and cutting edge technology to create hip hop jewelry that captures the true essence of the culture. All men’s pendants come plated in 14K gold or rhodium to provide premium shine and protection. The pendants also include hand set stones that come placed along a micro pave setting to create better design layouts.

      The Death Row Records x King Ice jewelry collection is available now for prices starting at $100 USD

      via HypeBeast:

      Hip Hop & The Gold Chain.

      Hip Hop & The Gold Chain.

      Today, there’s no denying that Hip Hop and jewelry are ubiquitous. And the relationship between the two has grown stronger over the years. The culture that was birthed from stories of struggle is now in a space to celebrate its progression – and status. And rappers will continue to use jewelry as a symbol of success.

      From Kurtis Blow sporting multiple gold chains on the cover of his debut album to LL Cool J’s gold rope chains, Notorious B.I.G.’s massive gold Jesus piece designed by Tito the Jeweler, to iconic record label logos embossed in gold and diamonds – gold chains and Hip Hop became synonymous. 

      Early pioneers of the culture would have never imagined this shift. From what started as a creative medium for the oppressed, subjected and under-represented, to a full-blown culture that boasts its success and wealth with hefty gold chains.

      But before all of this even started – did you know that the earliest record of gold chains takes us back to ancient Egypt? Legend has it that they wore gold chains to scare away evil spirits and for good luck. Many wars were also fought over gold – it represented strength, wealth and eternal love. Fast forward a couple of hundred years and the gold chain is now seen as a status, worth, time and dedication symbol.

      There are a few things that make a Hip Hop artist a dope - solid rhymes, a relentless flow, swagger - and Pt, Ag, Au, and C. For my geeks who got that, I appreciate you. For the ones still scratching their heads, that’s platinum, gold, silver, and carbon, which when compressed, forms a diamond. Elements that are synonymous with Hip Hop. 

      From the very beginning, gold has been a staple. 

      Move forward a few more years Hip Hop became an organized industry gold moved from a symbol of status to moving billboards for the artist. Take, for example, the Roc-A-Fella symbol worn by Jay-Z. Now, in the present, gold is still prevalent but it's not just worn as a chain - you can see it in artists mouths as "grillz" have become increasingly popular, or wrapped around their wrists, embedded in their eyewear, shoewear, etc.

      Times have changed but one thing still stands -- Hip Hop and gold will forever be indebted to each other. Think as the music as a form of the struggle and the gold is a representation of escaping it. 

      King Ice Interviews Co-Founder of Death Row Records

      King Ice Interviews Co-Founder of Death Row Records

      Hip Hop legend, N.W.A. member, and co-founder of Death Row Records, The D.O.C. offers up a lot interesting talking points in his exclusive sit down with King Ice’s @SteveMurray2. In this exclusive episode of “Inspired by Culture,” D.O.C. shed light on his past, the role he played in starting Death Row, meeting Suge Knight, working with Easy E and more.

      He even touched on his relationship to the legendary, Tupac, growing in the industry with Dr. Dre, fostering Snoop Dogg’s growth as an artist, and working on the “F**k the Police” record - that had the whole industry shook. 

      Inspired by Culture” is powered by King Ice - the #1 online retailer for urban jewelry.

      The Legendary Notorious B.I.G. Honored With Street Naming Ceremony in Brooklyn

      The Legendary Notorious B.I.G. Honored With Street Naming Ceremony in Brooklyn


      The legendary rapper known as The Notorious B.I.G., or “Biggie” for short, was honored once again this morning during a street renaming ceremony in Brooklyn. The Bedstuy native - a neighborhood in Brooklyn - who was born Christopher Wallace, grew up near the corner of St. James Place and Fulton Street. As of this morning, it’s officially been renamed, “Christopher Notorious BIG Wallace Way.”

      Biggie was just 24 years old when he was murdered in Los Angeles back in 1997. And while his death remains a mystery, one thing is for certain - his legend and music live on.


      This past Winter, we honored the Hip Hop legend with new releases for our Notorious B.I.G. collection