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      News — Hip Hop

      Bankrol Hayden: "First Thing I Bought was a Rollie"

      Bankrol Hayden: "First Thing I Bought was a Rollie"

      Bankrol Hayden is here to put on for Modesto. The 18-year-old has been through hell and back, and you can hear it in his music. After surviving a near fatal car accident two years prior where Hayden was in the back seat and his two friends had passed, the “29” recording artist is determined to go crazy, thanks to the second chance God had gifted him.

      Most recently, he tapped Kid Laroi for the “Costa Rica” remix and released his new single “Rich Bitch.” The latter he describes as something small for the fans, to hold them over until the release of his forthcoming project Pain Is Temporary.

      King Ice caught up with Bankrol Hayden to discuss his Rolex which was stationed upstairs in the house in Malibu he was temporarily recording at.

      How’s that Atlantic Records bag looking?

      It’s cool, I fuck with Atlantic tough. They’re going hard for me. 

      What did you do with your first advance? 

      Shit, the first thing I bought was a Rollie. It’s upstairs [shows the light-up box]. Really clothes. I don’t really spend my money like that, I be chillin’. 

      How often do you wear the Rollie?

      I try not to wear it too much all the time. I’ve been wearing it recently. I got it in Atlanta, Atlanta’s dope. It feels good, it's like a little trophy for me. 



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      TEEFLII: "Big Chains and Jewelry Can Hurt You"🌝

      TEEFLII: "Big Chains and Jewelry Can Hurt You"🌝

      TeeFLii is low key a Los Angeles staple in the rap game. Coming up during the good old days of West Coast turn up, it was hit singles “24 Hours” featuring 2 Chainz and “This D” that would take over radio airwaves and clubs all over the world. Beyond that, he’s had the beautiful opportunity of working very closely with the late Nipsey Hussle, both representing South Central Los Angeles where they’re from.

      Most recently, TeeFLii released his joint EP with Dom Kennedy, self-titled to highlight his growth. In any case, he has his eyes set on the one award that matters: that Grammy.

      King Ice caught up with the Los Angeles artist to discuss how big chains and jewelry can hurt you in the long run. 

      Do you feel like as an artist you have to wear jewelry?
      Nope. Certain artists that haven’t been in the game for a long time, don’t realize that the outcomes of really doing that and spending the money on that type of jugg can have an effect on longevity. Of course they want to do it because that’s the generation’s style right now. Always been in the entertainment business. For entertainers, it’s always been jewelry. If you do it, make sure you have a stable condition after that.

      Lido: I’m More Intrigued With People Who Do It In A Classy Way

      Lido: I’m More Intrigued With People Who Do It In A Classy Way

      Lido is in his own lane, on his own terms, living his own truth. Hailing all the way from Norway, real name Peder Losnegård produces, sings, songwrites, and plays multiple instruments — his two favorites being the piano and drums. At two years old, his parents gave him a drum kit… the rest was history.

      Fast forward to 2020, Lido has collaborated closely with the likes of Chance The Rapper, Diplo, Jaden Smith, and of course, Halsey. But now, he’s focused on his own artistry. After a string of singles, fans can look forward to his forthcoming project titled Peder, which is his birth name.

      King Ice caught up with Lido at Soho House West Hollywood to discuss his opinions on artists wearing jewelry.

      Do you feel like you should wear jewelry as an artist?

      I like jewelry. I’ll wear it sometimes, but I don’t have any right now. It depends on your artistic expression. I don't think you have to wear jewelry. I have stronger feelings about people who hide behind their jewelry, because I think that's the case very often. 

      You mean the big chains?

      Or however people are doing it. I’m more intrigued with people who do it in a classy way, rather than people who feel they need external things to get seen. Jewelry is dope, unless you’re compensating with it. 

      What can we expect next?

      I’m definitely going to be touring a bunch. Since there’s such a specific story to the album, there’s a million things I want to do. I’m writing a book right now about that story (Peder), I’m doing an additional album that's happening on the side. I’m doing a ton of videos, so I’m focusing on trying to get everything right. Then when the album comes out, I’ll figure out everything else after. 

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      MO3 Shows Off His Favorite Chain

      MO3 Shows Off His Favorite Chain

      It’s not everyday you become Boosie’s favorite rapper. Insert Mo3 from Dallas, who actually looked up to Boosie when he was coming up as a teenager. Real name Melvin Noble comes from humble beginnings, experiencing the streets and falling victim to being a product of his environment.

      With music, Mo3 is able to vent and convey his deepest thoughts and feelings, giving hope to all aspiring rappers to follow suit. Last year, he released his album Osama — his nickname in the streets. Rather than focusing on the internet and social media, Mo3 physically makes it a point to show face in neighborhoods in every state.

      King Ice caught up with Mo3 to discuss his very expensive chains, and his opinions on having to wear chains as an artist.

      I see your drip. How much you got on? 

      I don’t have all of it on right now. I just have my boy Roy Lee with me, he’s one of my dead homies. 


      He’s on the back of your chain?

      Yeah, I wear him. I don't put him on no shirts. I wear him. I got another chain from Johnny Dang, that's $75,000. Got my AP on. All-white Cuban, but this isn’t all of them.

      Do you always wear your chains? 

      Usually, I wear them all. But see, we have to be in so many places. All these airports, I get tired of taking all of it off. I got $270K worth of jewelry on me. If you go through my Instagram pictures, you'll see where I'm wearing all of them. 

      Do you feel like you have to wear jewelry as an artist? Especially in LA.

      It depends on what kind of artist you are. If you rap that lifestyle and you came from nothing, that person who looks up to you wants to see that. It gives them motivation. I remember when I had the fake ass chain on. So when they see me hop out with a real chain, you give them hope. 

      Your fans are looking at you like “you bought a necklace, they bought a necklace.” They’re like "hell yeah, he just went to Johnny!" They’re happy like they got it. But certain artists like J. Cole, they don't have on a chain. Drake’s another one. Drake doesn't worry about it, he doesn't rap about it. Coming from that lifestyle to where I have to go get ice and the bussdown Roll-E, of course he can do it. But I wear every single chain even when I'm in the house because I started from the bottom, and now I'm here.  

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