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      Floyd Mayweather's Epic 43rd Birthday Party🤑

      Floyd Mayweather's Epic 43rd Birthday Party🤑

      The Money Team and Limitless Performance threw the legendary Floyd Mayweather an insanely epic 43rd birthday bash at the new Hollywood hotspot Eden Sunset in Los Angeles, CA.

       Floyd Mayweather 41st Birthday

      The black tie affair produced by Wright Productions brought out some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities which included Snoop Dogg, Tiffany Haddish, French Montana, Quavo Huncho, Torrei Hart, Lil Kim, Reggie Bush, Dennis Graham, Karen Civil, Lyrica Anderson, Quinn Cook, Shawn Merriman, Shiggy, Candice, and many more!

       French Montana
      Photo Credit: Jarrod Maurice Williams | French Montana seen above rocking what appears to be a white gold G-Link chain, layered with a 8mm single row tennis chain, and a Moroccan flag with ruby red and emerald green stones. Let's not forget the white gold iced Cartier or Patek. (We can't exactly make out what it is)

      French Montana and QuavoCredit: Von Jackson/Vlex Photos and Wright Production

      Snoop Dogg at Floyd Mayweather birthday
      Credit: Von Jackson/Vlex Photos and Wright Production

      Floyd Mayweather 43rd BirthdayCredit: Von Jackson/Vlex Photos and Wright Production

      Lil Kim, Tiffany Haddish, and Floyd Mayweather
      celebrated his birthday with family and friends in true Mayweather fashion at his "Money Ball" themed event. The grand venue was decorated with "Mayweather Money" coming from ATM machines, TMT luggage over flowing with money, large crystal money balls and "Air Mayweather" private jets suspended from the ceiling.


      The night included a bottle service, aerialist performance that brought the packed house with excitement as they performed on the TMT jets and poured champagne to guests below during a celebratory toast to Mayweather's milestone accomplishment of The Highest Paid Athlete of The Decade. 


      Sponsors:,, and Boom Cups

      Event Producer: Wright Productions 

      Public Relations: Sharon Eva/Entertainment News Public Relations

      Sounds by: DJ Malski & DJ E Feezy

      "Lucid" Artist Quin Reveals Her Favorite Jewelry

      "Lucid" Artist Quin Reveals Her Favorite Jewelry

      Quin is the creator and founder of “fantasy soul,” which is the most fitting name for her sound. The Los Angeles native hails from Pasadena and has declared her own space in the R&B realm. From her first EP GALACTICA to DREAMGIRL to most recently, Lucid, Quin displays growth, maturity, and confidence.

      The new project is spearheaded from her collaborative single with boyfriend 6lack, “Mushroom Chocolate.” The two lovebirds indefinitely created a lovers anthem for this generation and beyond.

      Beyond her inner and outer beauty, Quin has fantastic taste in fashion. Whether she made her outfit herself or mix and matched pieces you’d never think would go together, her style does not go unnoticed. King Ice caught up with Quin to chat about her jewelry preferences between silver and gold.

      How would you describe your jewelry as it relates to your style?

      The jewelry has been a collection of gangs. I noticed I’ve been gravitating towards the browns, the greens, and the nudes. I go with what I like. I honestly could pick up some cute materials and be like “alright, I’m going to figure this out.” Tie it up into a whole outfit. I like making things out of other things just putting shit on and being like “fuck it.” 

      If I’m really comfortable, I’m going to wear it for two weeks like “this is my shit right now!” I love old stuff and I love vintage, but I’m not necessarily a label person. If I see something, I won’t necessarily know the designer. I won’t really go down that lane. I just know if I see something and I fuck with it, I’m going to get it. 

      Do you see yourself doing something in the fashion realm? 

      Fuck yeah, I absolutely have to. I’m going to work it out. I have so many ideas, but we’re going to keep it offline. [chuckles] It’s going to be a fun world to step into. 

      Silver or gold? 

      Both. They have to be both. I’ll be the one to wear both at the same time, [chuckles] I don’t care. I love them both for different reasons. They’re both beautiful but I have been gold lately. That’s what I will say. 

      Is there anything else you want to let us know? 

      Just a reminder to get your Snoh tickets! because it’s going to be cute. New music is always going to be on the way. 

      Rayan Shares His Unique Jewelry Style

      Rayan Shares His Unique Jewelry Style

      Rayan is here to prove he’s way more than a member from Mindless Behavior, he’s an artist in his own right. Hailing from South Central Los Angeles, the West Coast recording artist has come a long way since joining the boy band at the age of 13. Returning after a hiatus following the group’s dismantle, the “Right Now” rapper arrives as passionate as ever.

      Rocking a blue long-sleeve button-down shirt and his signature long hair, Rayan is proud to be wearing his little brother’s chain around his neck. The huge ‘S’ pendant stood for the Rollin’ 60’s, the same neighborhood Nipsey came up on. 

      King Ice spoke with Rayan about the chain and what it means to him.

      Can you talk about the huge gold chain you have on?

      Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of gold. I’m more of a platinum person. But I wore this chain today because it’s my little brother chain. I knew I was going to be asked about him today, and the record “Right Now.” Today was a time to really represent my little brother. Like I said, he’s from 60’s so the ‘S’. He got the ritual, all that holding onto the chain. I’m rockin’ his buss down today out of respect. 


      Rayan 14k Gold 60's "S" chain


      How old was he when he passed?

      He didn’t pass. He’s straight. We don’t die, we live forever. He actually turned 20 on the 28th of this month. He’s my little brother, he’s just a badass. [laughs] 

      As an artist, do you feel like you need to wear jewelry?

      No, I don’t. If I ever wear a piece, it’ll be because I genuinely love it. I don’t care what other artists are doing to stay relevant. I don’t want to fit in.

      Anything else you want us to know?

      My Instagram is @raytrendyme. I’m going to be dropping two tracks this February, and a lot more to come. I’m coming with a lot of music. I’ve had 5 years of just creating [chuckles], so I got a lot coming.  

      NLE Choppa Exclusive Interview: Tells His Perfect Valentine's Day + More

      NLE Choppa Exclusive Interview: Tells His Perfect Valentine's Day + More

      Hip Hop Superstar NLE Choppa describes his perfect date for Valentine's Day and also shares the exclusive new features for his upcoming album. He also discusses his new No Love Entertainment jewelry line with King Ice.


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      San Diego's Rob $tone Reveals His Favorite Pendants

      San Diego's Rob $tone Reveals His Favorite Pendants

      When you think of San Diego, you think of the warm sun, beaches, and overall good vibrations. Insert Rob $tone, the rapper who blew up from his first song ever going viral. “Chill Bill” till this day goes hard in the club, function, whip, through your headphones… the beat itself is so catchy. 

      Paired with Rob’s smooth delivery, the record gave audiences an automatic rush to where you could escape reality in those few minutes the song runs. Now, a more wise, experienced Rob $tone arrives poised, cheerful, and completely independent.

      He claims he’s making more money now than when he was signed to a major label, a rare but coveted phenomenon in society today. King Ice pulled up to his photo shoot for his forthcoming album titled Stone Cold to discuss his jewelry preferences.

      I see you have crystals on your neck, talk about your jewelry preferences.

      The love of my life, my beautiful baby momma, my girl Monique, she got me this for Christmas last year. Because I used to have another amethyst, but the muthafuckin’ feds snatched it. I got into some shit and they snatched all my chains and broke all my shit. 

      They can do that?

      Nah they can’t, but yeah. It happens. So she blessed me with some more. Of course, I got the diamonds from my boy Izzy. I have to get the lemon fixed. I’m actually going to New York this month for my birthday. That’s why I said for my birthday, I’ma get my other chain fixed.

      What happened to it?

      I broke it performing at this college. 

      It didn’t get snatched or nothing?

      Hell nah. [chuckles] But that does happen to people.

      Talk about the ice on your wrist and your rings.

      This is a Cuban, I got some new rings. I’m definitely about to re-up this year, get some new ice.

      What’s the most expensive piece you’ve got?

      The lemon, I would say. My lemon pendant.

      How much is that?

      Some tens of thousands for surely. [laughs] You know, some tens.

      What do you want your legacy to be? 

      I just kept it true, true to myself and kept it real with the people. I’m a solid ass cat. I’m one of the greatest artists of my generation fasho. 

      Anything else you want to let us know?

      Just the coldest n*gga in the game, that’s it.