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      News — Hip Hop

      SAVIII 3RD: "When it comes to jewelry, I like to keep it simple."

      SAVIII 3RD: "When it comes to jewelry, I like to keep it simple."

      Hailing from East Side Long Beach, Saviii 3rd is here to put on for the West Coast the best way possible. After a stint signed to Birdman’s Cash Money West, under management with Wack 100, the “Batter Up” rapper is now a free man. 

      Saviii has the co-signs from nearly every artist in the rap game, with a loyal fanbase that can’t be duplicated. Most recently, he unleashed his Snowboy 2 mixtape and shut down the stage at Rolling Loud Los Angeles. Even Dom Kennedy had to pull up on Day 2 to catch his set!

      King Ice caught up with Saviii 3rd to discuss the Rollie Birdman surprised him with on his birthday.

      How would you describe your style as it relates to jewelry? 

      At first, I was wearing some Cubans. Not too much. I used to want to do the layered chains.

      Did you have a Cash Money chain? 

      Yeah, still got the Cash Money chain. Birdman gave me a CMB chain. He bought me a Rolex for my birthday. It was a plain jane. 

      Is that the most expensive piece of jewelry you have?

      No, I had 3 Cubans. Each one was $4000, I had a charm on 2 of them. Oh no wait, my fucking grill! I’m trippin’, my grill was fucking 10 bands! [chuckles] Hell yeah, Birdman told me to go get it. I still got the archives on my story. When I got it, it was just the bottom one. The whole thing was all VVS’s, that was fucking top notch. 

      When it comes to jewelry, I like to keep it simple. Prolly a bracelet on me, I don’t really wear watches too much. A bracelet, a chain, and a ring. Maybe two rings, definitely some high quality boogers in my ear. At first I was doing way too much. I was trying to be Nipsey with the Cubans, that was trophies. I don’t have too many now, 2 at the most at one time. 

      What was your reaction when Birdman gave you the Rollie? 

      When he gave me the Rollie, we was in Miami. He surprised me! He called me downstairs from the hotel because I didn’t know where to find some weed. He said “I got you.” I went downstairs, he had 3 black Maybach’s with him at the Fontainebleau. He popped the trunk, tossed me a bag of weed. He tossed me another plastic bag, it’s fucking hash, wax, and moonrocks. I’m like “oh, this n*gga came with the full package.” I pass it to the homies, “twist that shit up.” Boom, that’s when he tossed me the box. “Got you the blue face for your birthday!” I said “ohhh, you really surprised me!” He said “yeah.”

      Cobby Supreme: "$5,000 For This Little Itty Bitty Cross."

      Cobby Supreme: "$5,000 For This Little Itty Bitty Cross."

      The world will never fully recover from the loss of Nipsey Hussle. For Cobby Supreme, he lost his best friend. The All Money In rapper actually began All Money Business with the late Slauson rapper, opening his own AMB apparel store right there on Crenshaw Blvd. Both a part of the Rolling 60’s, Cobby always played the big brother role to Nip in the hood.

      Featured on songs “Checc Me Out” and “H-Town” off Crenshaw, Cobby will always be well-respected in the streets. The South Central Los Angeles native purchased his first car at the young age of 13, hustling and grinding just like he is today. King Ice chatting with Cobby to discuss his jewelry preferences, and the Rollie on his wrist.

      What was the first jewelry piece you had?

      I done had a whole bunch of this shit. [chuckles] I done had too much of this shit. I always been a n*gga to have some rings, a watch, and a chain. You can pull up old pictures and see me with that shit. 



      How old were you?

      It was in my family. I was seeing my uncles and my aunties with that shit. Growing up as kids, my mama had me with some rings, a little chain on, and some earrings. I don’t know, I think it’s some African shit. N*ggas just like to shine. You see that shit? [points to wrist] That shit look good don’t it? That’s a 41, a Rolex. I bought this for myself for Christmas this year. 

      [homies start laughing] Why they laughing?

      They know me.

      Is that the most expensive piece of jewelry you own?

      No. I done had a whole bunch of shit. This is probably my 9th Rolly. Just throughout my life you know, you live. I done had a bunch of watches. 

      Do you just rotate them?

      Yeah. Every now and then, I might throw the gold one on. Might throw the two-tone Oyster Perpetual on or the Presidential. That’s some African shit, n*ggas like jewelry. 

      You actually use it to tell time?

      Yeah see, I’m actually one of them n*ggas who check his watch. I see the date on my shit. [chuckles] Everybody don’t use it like that. You ask a n*gga for the time, they gon’ look at their phone.

      You like watches more than chains?

      Shit, I like chains and shit too. I don’t got on no big ass chain now but this little motherfucker right here works. This a nice bullet, it’s worth something. This piece right here is $5,000 just for this little itty bitty cross. That’s beautiful huh?

      Real diamonds?

      Of course. I’m 100% real, I’m Cobby Supreme. 100% real.

      What do you want your legacy to be?

      I want my legacy to be a guy that came from a certain area, stood up and didn’t accept the things that area only had for him. I went out, went on a journey and found the things that was for me. I want to leave it down to the kids. My mission is to make the people around me millionaires, own more businesses, own some stock. I know this in the industry: a lot of guys don’t do this shit, and that’s why they pay attention to Nip. 

      See I’ve always been a little quiet but in the background, that’s what I’ve always been doing. I’ve always had a spot, either a dispensary or a clothing store. A lot of guys do this shit after they get the money. It’s a little different for me because I’m doing this shit before I get the big ol’ bag. That’s what I try to teach everybody around me: when you get your crumbs, you put it into something. I ain’t take my little money and go crazy, buy all the jewelry in the world or all the fancy cars. I want to own shit. 

      KnowKnow : "In China If You’re So Flexing, Everybody Will Hate You"

      KnowKnow : "In China If You’re So Flexing, Everybody Will Hate You"

      KnowKnow is far more than just a member of Higher Brothers. The Chinese rapper is here to break into the US market, most recently unleashing his new project titled Mr. Enjoy Da Money. The name itself gives you a sense of his personality, drive, and passion for music — dropping bars in both English and Chinese.

      King Ice caught up with KnowKnow in Los Angeles, who was rocking an iced out AP on his left wrist, diamonds on his fingers, and a chain tucked underneath his shirt. If this is the drip from China, KnowKnow proves he fits right in in the States.

      How would you describe your style as it relates to jewelry?

      Before, I used to wear super duper flex. Now, I wear lowkey flex. I just want a watch, a little bit of rings, and that’s just enough. 

      Lana (manager): He designed this [points to huge chain around neck]. It’s my Chinese name: spicy boss! 

      What do you look for in jewelry?

      My jewelry: some are from New York, some are from China, some are from Atlanta. Real diamonds, it’s VVS and VS1. Because we need to give a lot of people a good example. If you don’t have money and you buy something fake, don’t worry. You just keep working and one day, you can buy real diamonds.

      What was your first real diamond piece?

      I forget, it was a long time ago.

      I see a chain underneath your shirt!

      I just want to be lowkey. 

      Lana (manager): This was just gifted to him by the designer who creates the jewelry here [Shine Marketplace on Fairfax (first Chinese streetwear shop in the US)].

      KnowKnow: You see just a little bit, I think it’s enough. Because in China if you’re so flexing, everybody will hate you. If you flex, people will say bullshit to you. I like a detailed flex. Another name is a lowkey flex.

      What’s the most expensive piece of jewelry you own? 

      This one is $50K [points to AP watch]. 

      What do you want your legacy to be?

      I want to be the only one KnowKnow in the world. KnowKnow culture!

      What is it about KnowKnow that fans love?

      You know the tiger tattoo is cute, but also it’s very, very monster! 

      King Ice Drops 2nd Death Row Records Jewelry Collection

      King Ice Drops 2nd Death Row Records Jewelry Collection

      Celebrating West Coast Hip-Hop

      King Ice, the Los Angeles-based jewelry brand, has laced some of the most notable hip-hop acts over the last decade including Wu-Tang Clan, Chief Keef, Odd Future and Snoop Dogg with their ice. They’ve also collaborated with the likes of Playstation, Spongebob Squarepants and Champion. With their roots in music and pop culture, it comes as no surprise that the brand has been tapped to deliver a new collection of Death Row Records jewelry.

      Death Row Records, the iconic record label founded by Suge Knight in 1991, is responsible for delivering iconic albums and artists into the fold, establishing a new era of West Coast hip-hop with artists such as Dr. Dre, Tupac, Snoop Dogg and more. Paying homage to the label, the collection features a XL Death Row Records pendant, a Death Row Records spinner medallion and a Death Row Records chain set.


      King Ice makes its chains, pendants, bracelets and earrings with hand set stones and cutting edge technology to create hip hop jewelry that captures the true essence of the culture. All men’s pendants come plated in 14K gold or rhodium to provide premium shine and protection. The pendants also include hand set stones that come placed along a micro pave setting to create better design layouts.

      The Death Row Records x King Ice jewelry collection is available now for prices starting at $100 USD

      via HypeBeast:

      King Ice Interviews Co-Founder of Death Row Records

      King Ice Interviews Co-Founder of Death Row Records

      Hip Hop legend, N.W.A. member, and co-founder of Death Row Records, The D.O.C. offers up a lot interesting talking points in his exclusive sit down with King Ice’s @SteveMurray2. In this exclusive episode of “Inspired by Culture,” D.O.C. shed light on his past, the role he played in starting Death Row, meeting Suge Knight, working with Easy E and more.

      He even touched on his relationship to the legendary, Tupac, growing in the industry with Dr. Dre, fostering Snoop Dogg’s growth as an artist, and working on the “F**k the Police” record - that had the whole industry shook. 

      Inspired by Culture” is powered by King Ice - the #1 online retailer for urban jewelry.