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      News — James Woo Woo

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      Fashion Comes Natural To Trinidad James

      Fashion Comes Natural To Trinidad James

      Trinidad James is a walking fashion icon. In 2020, he released “All Gold Everything” which took over the rap game full force. The Atlanta native has since evolved tremendously, keeping a strong head on his shoulders and continuing to do what he loves most: create art.

      Trinidad isn’t here to talk about what he’s going to do, he just does it. Most recently, he released his brand new single “James Woo Woo,” his latest alter ego which cares for humanity as a whole. Additionally, he continues to kill it as a host on Complex’ Full Size Run, approaching the 6th season of the sneaker talk show.

      King Ice caught up with Trinidad at Soho House in West Hollywood, who was decked out from head to toe in style. 


      Can you talk about your love for fashion?

      It’s natural. Fashion for me is always something I have gravitated to easily. I don’t ever think that much into it. 

      How much jewelry you got on right now?

      I’m light today. I’m chillin’. Trust me, I’m chillin’.


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