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      News — Jewelry Collection

      How to Grow an Essential Jewelry Collection in 3 Steps

      How to Grow an Essential Jewelry Collection in 3 Steps


      Recommended: Lion Head Shades 

      If your jewelry collection doesn’t have a fire pair of shades, then someone’s led you astray. This is a subtle but bold way to fit in and stand out. DISCOVER SHADES



      Recommended: Staff Favorites (see photo below)

      While there are hundreds of pendants in the world, here are 6 pendants that are sure to get the conversation started no matter where you are. These are perfect for daily wear or any special occasion! DISCOVER PENDANTS


      3. "WATCH" THIS

      Blind them with your wrist. 

      Once considered the crux of every man’s outfit, a dope watch is not only a status symbol but in certain circles it's the holy grail of fashion! One of our favorite watches is the Royal CZ Watch. It's flooded with handset CZ diamond simulates to give this watch a high class feel that's sure to blind your hatersDISCOVER WATCHES


      Drake is Working on New Album!

      The 6 God is back in the studio!

      Drake’s “Scorpion” was released nearly a year ago, and we’ve all been wondering he’d hit us off with some new new. Well, wonder no longer! During his tour Assignation Vacation Tour stop in London, Tuesday night, Drake made a special announcement:

      “This is one of my favorite places to be in the world. So I think that what I’ma do - I kinda actually started last night to be honest with you. But I think what I’ma do after this, is I’ma go home and I’ma make a new album so I can come back to London next year and we can do this again.”

      As you can imagine, the crowd went ballistic. New Drake music? Who wouldn’t want that, fan or not. In addition to his new solo album, Drake is apparently cooking up with Future, once again, for “What a Time to Be Alive 2.” So in honor of all this new music we can expect, we take a look at some of the 6 God's coldest pieces. 

      Drake OVO Chain

      GQ Magazine made a bold claim in an article they released last Spring that stated Drake has (one of) the best jewelry collections in the world. They highlighted, in particular, Drake’s staple OVO owl necklace that’s custom-made by renowned jeweler, Ben Baller. The gold chain is covered in 40 carats of ice-blue, canary-yellow, and white VVS diamonds.

      Drake may have been inspired by our 14K Gold CZ Great Horned Owl Necklace - which makes quite a statement with its AAA handset stones and 2.5mm 26” Franco chain.

      View this post on Instagram

      📀 JUNE 2018

      A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on


      Drake is a proud Scorpio, who even named one of his albums, “Scorpion.” So it was only right that jewelry designer, Jason Arasheben, crafted this circular pendant laden with seven carat diamonds and a gold scorpion - which is placed in the center as the other zodiac signs circle around it.

       Drake Wearing Rolex

       When it comes to his wrist game, Drake has been loyal to one “team” since raking in millions throughout his career. The Rolex brand is his obvious favorite, as he’s seen quite often with one, or two, 18 carat gold time pieces. A photo from his Instagram page read “Time heals all” in one of captions, as he showed off a few time pieces.

      Looking to let time pass so you, too, can heal from your personal ailments? King Ice provides a classical look with the LX Watch studded with AAA, handset stones, plated in real 14K gold with a solid stainless steel chain.

       Drake Cartier Love Bracelet

       Following the trend, Drake also hearts his Cartier “Love” bracelet, which has been seen on many celebrities including Kylie Jenner and Kanye West. Apparently he owns three of these diamond-encrusted bracelets - because one just isn’t enough.


      I done walked in here
      Lookin' like the mothaf*ckin' man of the year
      My shades so dark
      And my ICE so bright





      Soulja Boy Disses Tyga Again, But Whose Ice Game Is Colder?

      Soulja Boy Disses Tyga Again, But Whose Ice Game Is Colder?

      Seems like there’s no end in sight for Soulja Boy when it comes to industry beef. Today, Drako continues his beef with Tyga, releasing a “Thotiana” diss video. Taking aim, once again, we find Drako accusing Tyga of being a liar, and gloats about his relationship with Blac Chyna, Tyga’s BM.

      “Word around town, I f*cked his baby mama. yeah, kaboom, boom. With your son in the other room.”

      He continues on the two-minute music onslaught with references of the February incident where Tyga was dragged out of Floyd Mayweather’s birthday party by security: “He got dragged out the club by the security, I know he big mad.

      We assume this release is a response to Tyga’s “Thotiana” Freestyle where he raps, “N**ga call me a goat, don’t call it a comeback. Seven million records, nine months, where Soulja at?” Check out Soulja Boy’s diss below. And then let us know who’s jewelry collection is colder! 

      Colorful ice is a bold statement. As if platinum, or gold wasn't fancy enough, a hint of colored gems in your jewelry definitely screams "FIRE!" Who wore it better, though? 

      Looking to add some color to your wardrobe? Accessorize with some of our colorful pieces such as this Multi-Colored Barrier Link Chain


      In Hip Hop, you gotta be able to rep your set properly. And by "properly," we mean encased in gold, platinum, and diamonds. Above, we see Soulja Boy with what appears to be a Gold Rolex Oyester with a customized VVS diamond encrusted bevel. Below, Tya is seen repping his Last Kings Records logo - the indie record label he founded in 2015. 

      Not a rapper and don't have your own brand or logo? Our Death Row Records 14K Gold Iced Necklace is a worthy alternative. 


      Time is money. And so is a nice watch. We all know your wrist game has to be on point, too, in Hip Hop. Above, we see Soulja Boy with what appears to be a Gold Rolex Oyester with a customized VVS diamond encrusted bevel - because, you know, a watch isn't just for telling time. Below, what's better than one iced out watch? Two gold watches, of course. And Tyga looks extra chic with the shades to match his all black 'fit. 

      As Lil Wayne once recited "Time heals all, and heels hurt to walk in..." I think that would suggest it's time to check out our collection of watches before your feet start hurting? 





      2 Chainz Jewelry Helped Him Lose Virginity? Weird Flex, But okay!

      2 Chainz Jewelry Helped Him Lose Virginity? Weird Flex, But okay!

      GQ Magazine recently unveiled a new video featuring 2 Chainz, where he flosses his ridiculous jewelry collection and discusses his love for the ice. “In the 7th grade, I had a ring that had my initial on it, which was a T. And I actually used that ring to get me some while I was in the 7th grade. That’s how I lost my virginity.

      The piece opens up with Chainz reminiscing on when he lost his innocence all thanks to jewelry. Up till the present day, jewelry has played a big role in the Atlanta rapper’s life. Throughout the piece we get to see some of his favorite pieces which include a massive cuban link chain with a locket, a tear drop chain, a few staple items for his wrist, and his signature “Tru” pieces as well. In regards to branding, Chainz seems to have been loyal to a couple brands throughout his career - mainly Pristine and Avianne.

      Drawing some inspiration from Chainz's pieces, you, too, can pull off some of his looks with a few of our pieces. In the beginning of the clip, Chainz shows off one of his 15mm White Gold Iced G-Link Chain and a bubble letter "TRAP" pendant . Since everyone isn't balling like 2 Chainz, here's a few iced out bubble letters we have waiting for you.

      Iced Out Bubble Letter "T"Iced Out Bubble Letter "R"Iced Out Bubble Letter "A"Iced Out Bubble Letter "P"

      Some of our staff's Favorite Bubble Letter Chains: "DREAM"
      Iced Out "DREAM" Pendant


      When it comes to his wrist game, Chainz switches it up on the daily. “I like to carry on 7 watches, because there’s 7 days in a week.” We got a few of our own favorite pieces that can help you manage your time as well. 

      Almost mirroring the rose gold piece Chainz keeps in rotation, The Rose Gold Baron Watch is worthy of your time as well. The Rose Gold handset stones cover both the face and the band of the watch which is plated in rose-gold - encasing this steel band.


      And you can’t forget about your finger bling! Chainz can be seen, oftentimes, with at least 2-3 rings on his fingers - whether it’s is signature “World Tru Champions” ring decked out n diamonds, or some simple ice for his pinky. If you’re looking for a statement piece to flaunt on your fingers, our King Ice 14K Gold CZ Crown Ring is an affordable, custom piece that will surely catch some eyes. This ring took over a year to make, after countless revisions - but it was all worth the effort as the design turned out flawless. Finished in 14K gold, and hand set in red, white, and cognac-orange CZ, this ring is a sign of power and influence.