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      News — King Ice

      Louis King Says Dipset Has The Most Iconic Chain 🏆

      Louis King Says Dipset Has The Most Iconic Chain 🏆

      Louis King rocks a gold KING ring on his left hand, fitting for how he carries himself and perceives life. Beyond rapping, the Los Angeles native served as tour manager for the highly-favored Earl The Sweatshirt. 

      Having toured over 20 countries and sharing the stage with Earl and Anderson .Paak, King sees his purpose as more than just touching people with his music, but giving back to his community in ways reminiscent of the late Nipsey Hussle. His work with centers around emotional literacy especially amongst those who are incarcerated.

      Most recently, King released his highly-anticipated new album De la West Los, paying homage to his roots in West LA. King Ice caught up with Louie to discuss his treasured gold ring that reads KING in all caps.

      Talk about the gold KING ring you have on.

      This was given to me by a professional soccer player named Leo (Alessandro Canale). He plays for the USA team, he’s big. He's made shit. We have a group called Generation West, which is a community organization: our Crenshaw, our marathon, our shit. Our community we put people together with, we’d throw events. We’d throw all the Westside events like Brownies and Lemonade. 

      He knew us from the streets. I didn't even know he was a professional soccer player, he’s just the homie. He came to an event one day, he had it molded. Gave one to me, gave one to my bro (I still work with). He’s management, his shit said "cuzzo" in gold. It was a gift, that shit felt good. Shit’s heavier than a motherfucker. It comes with a certain power. I won a national championship playing football and lost my ring. Maybe it got stolen, I don't know. 

      Louis King Ring
      Rings Available at

      In your opinion, what hip-hop label had the most iconic chain? 

      That's tough. I want to go into Dipset, but then I also want to go even before that with the Cubans. I'm into the classic shit. But I'm not even on material shit like that to keep it 100. You see me, I don't even wear a chain. It's not even on that. When it comes time to stunt, we can stunt. But at the same time, I know my value. This shit is a gift. I like the flashiness of it, but I also like to stay [grounded].

      Dipset chain
      Dipset Chain

      Dipset Anthem video
      Dipset Anthem Music Video (Jim Jones, Cam'ron, Juelz Santana)

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      Big Havi: "I Could Take This $#!@ Off And Still Be The Same Me"

      Big Havi: "I Could Take This $#!@ Off And Still Be The Same Me"

      It’s not everyday you see a Presidential Rollie on someone’s wrist, especially if you’re a kid. But 20-year-old Big Havi proves it’s not only possible, but unimportant. When asked about his ice, the East Atlanta rapper makes it a point to take off all his jewelry: his Commission Records chain and glistening, all-diamond $100K watch to match.

      The message was clear: Havi would much rather have people see his inner soul, than the materialistic things that society fools us into praising. Aside from the success of his viral single “9 Times Out Of 10” (which received an explosive remix from Lil Baby), Havi recently released his debut EP titled Personal Problems. The 8-track project is a combination of the real and the turn up.

      King Ice caught up with Havi moments after he shut down the stage at The Novo in Los Angeles, opening for Lil Tjay.

      Can you talk about your drip real quick, I see you got on the ice.

      I don't like talking about drip. This is for myself. I'm not flashy.

      What is that?

      It's a Rolex. I got it a couple days ago. 

      Why don’t you like talking about your drip?

      Because it doesn't make me or break me. I could take this shit off and still be the same me. Matter of fact... [takes off jewelry]. For real. This is pointless. I want to talk about me. 

      Do you feel like you have to wear jewelry as an artist?

      No. I was actually going to take this off before I went on stage, but then I’m like “fuck it, I want to wear my shit.” But this ain’t everyday shit. I could throw this shit away and it won’t hurt me.


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      Fireman Band$ Reveals His Jewelry Influences

      Fireman Band$ Reveals His Jewelry Influences

      Fireman Band$ is a walking fashion statement. The Brooklyn native proves you can make it through being yourself, without following any trends or conforming to any one type of artist. Growing up, he was always the bad kid in school. It was at age 18 when he was locked up behind bars he decided music was going to be his career. He jokes about how the artists he heard on the radio while incarcerated were trash. 

      King Ice caught up with Fireman to discuss his jewelry preferences, who hails multiple face piercings including the dermal and one in between his eyes like Lil Uzi Vert.

      Fireman Band$ in King Ice x Rick and Morty Chain

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      Do you feel like you have to wear jewelry as an artist?

      No. Lil Wayne was one my first influences. He was the first person I seen as a rapper put jewelry on his face. He had the lip ring I believe. At that point, I thought “hmm let me try it.” I did it and I thought it was cool. Then I did the nose ring, but it didn’t have anything to do with rapping or nothing. 


      In your opinion, who had the most iconic hip-hop label chain?

      Definitely I would say Roc-A-Fella. They definitely had the iconic chains.



      Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

      In 10 years, a billionaire. Definitely mogul. A bunch of businesses. Just a walking bank, super successful.


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      YK Toon: "It’s All About How You Present Yourself✨"

      YK Toon: "It’s All About How You Present Yourself✨"

      YK Toon might just be a kid, but he’s well on his way in this rap game. Hailing from Houma, Louisiana, near Baton Rouge, the “Free Ziggy” rapper has built an organic following through releasing music independently. The combination of lyricism and street life over trapped-out beats is one that does not go unnoticed.

      Most recently, Toon recruited Quando Rondo to hop on the “City Rollin” remix — a street anthem for hoods all across the world. King Ice chatted with Toon about his jewelry preferences and goals.

      Do you feel like as an artist, you have to wear jewelry?

      Nah, I don’t feel like that. That’s what people want to see. It makes people pay attention to you like “oh he’s doing shit. You seen that boy’s new chain?” The streets get to talking: seeing what you got on, looking at your page. Your page gon’ go up. It’s all about how you present yourself. A rapper gets big on his appearance. You don’t show no flaw right?

      As you got bigger, did you have to live up to that rapper image?

      Yeah, I don’t let anybody play with that. You gotta do me something. I don’t let nobody play with my top or none of that. Somebody recording that, that’s going all everywhere. Bring your boys way down here. But some people’s music might be good, but they say “you don’t live what you rap.” Negative energy and shit. It is what it is.

      What are some goals yourself as an artist at this point of your career?

      My album to be #1 in the world. I want to hit it one time. At least be on the charts: Top 10 or Top 5.

      Anything you want to let us know?
      I got a song coming out with my dawg SK, it’s called “Yeah.”

      Savannah Cristina:" I just feel like my outfit is not complete without big hoops."

      Savannah Cristina:" I just feel like my outfit is not complete without big hoops."

      It’s not every day you see an R&B singer rise out of Broward County, Florida and Savannah Cristina is paving the way. The spoken word poet turned singer-songwriter went viral over her DIY videos, singing outside at a basketball court, the beach, in traffic… the list goes on.


      “Self Care” in particular is one that resonated with audiences, reminding yourself the importance in self-love and taking care of your body and mental health. The song’s visual currently hails over 3.8 million followers and counting.

      Savannah arrives at Soho Warehouse in a cute dress, with gold hoops that demanded her presence. King Ice caught up with the 22-year-old to discuss her love for jewelry and gold.

      Can you describe your style as it relates to jewelry? 

      I always like to have big hoops. Always! I just feel like my outfit is not complete without big hoops. I’ve tried dangly, I've tried studs, I can’t do it. I have to have some gold hoops. I always wear my rings and a nice cute little dangly chain. I love gold. My nose piercing is something I love. I got it when I was 16 at the Swap Meet. She literally pierced my nose with an ear gun, I leaned over the counter. Ever since then, I’ve been in love with my nose piercing. 

      Women's Collection Available at

      Do you only wear gold, you don’t wear silver? 


      Do you feel like you have to wear jewelry as an artist? 

      My grandmother is West Indian, very traditional. She says “you always have to have earrings in your ear,” so jewelry is always cute. I never was the type to have real jewelry. I always had fake jewelry or what I could afford, but I always think it’s cute and classy. The pressure to rock a buss down or the pressure to rock a big ole heavy chain, sometimes it’s not ideal for every artist. Especially those of us who know they might not be in a safe place all the time. I’m not really pressed about it but to have a nice simple chain to wear every day, that’s real — just one, I’m happy. 

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