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      The Chi’s Michael Epps Lists Favorite Accessories

      The Chi’s Michael Epps Lists Favorite Accessories

      Michael Epps is on his way to greatness. The child actor has already landed a huge pivotal role playing Jake on Showtime’s The Chi, a television show created by the well-respected Lena Waith. Born in Virginia but raised in Chicago, there’s no better person to play the role of a local coming up on the South Side of Chicago.

      Last year, Michael released his debut single titled “Drip,” proving he can make music just as well as he can ask. Regardless, he’s super excited for fans to tune into Season 3 of The Chi, arriving on June 21st of this year.

      King Ice caught up with Michael Epps to discuss his favorite jewelry accessories, rocking his iced out necklace during the Zoom call.

      Do you always wear your chain?

      Not always, when it’s needed.

      What are your go-to accessories for jewelry?

      A few chains, like 2. Earrings, ring, and a watch. Keep it real simple, for right now. This is right now.