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      News — NEW CHAIN

      Cardi B & Offset Buy $100K Chain For Kulture’s 1st Birthday

      Cardi B & Offset Buy $100K Chain For Kulture’s 1st Birthday

      Do it for the culture. Or in Cardi B & Offset’s case - do it for Kulture.

      A few weeks ahead of their baby girl’s first birthday, the superstar couple decided to spend a hefty amount of cash for her birthday gift. According to TMZ, Cardi and Offset dropped about $100,000 on a new pendant and chain - made of diamonds, white gold and enamel. They also feature the animated characters from Kulture’s favorite TV show, “Word Party.”

      Cardi took to Instagram to share a video of the chain with the caption that read: “KULTURE new chain. WORD PARTY it’s her fav.

      July 10 is the day, and we assume that it doesn’t stop there. Reportedly, Cardi is spending another $400K on Kulture’s birthday party. “That’s because it’s her first birthday party and shit costs.

      When I was telling the party planner what I wanted I was getting emotional because its like, Oh my God, it’s really happening. My child is turning one.”