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      News — New Music

      Swang Reveals His Favorite Jewelry Styles

      Swang Reveals His Favorite Jewelry Styles

      If you want to be an artist, you have to dress like an artist. For Swang, he keeps himself designed down from his wrist to his outfit all the way down to his cars. Hailing from Seattle, the “Lost It” recording artist plans to be the biggest Asian hip-hop artist to ever do it. With the support of his friends and manager, the possibilities are endless.

      When it comes to the music, he knows his time is coming. King Ice caught up with Swang to discuss his drip, his money, and more.

      Talk about your drip! Designer everything.

      Louis Vuitton glasses, Tom Andrews jacket, Gucci rings, and this is a 2019 Rolex. I like cars though, cars are my thing. I have a lot of cars. In 2018 I bought 7 brand new Porsches. But I traded them all in, now I’m stuck with a 2018 Porsche Panamera.


      Swang's 14k Gold and Plantinum Rolex, Paired With Silver Gucci Rings

      Where’s all this money coming from?

      Hard work and business. You gotta make money somehow. Just hustling, that’s basically it. My job is making music, that’s my career. I absolutely think I have the ability to do it.

      Do you feel like you have to wear jewelry as an artist? 

      No actually. Me as a person, I don't. I don't care about flexing. I'm not wearing this over here like “oh, I'ma flex on yo'”. That's not it. I have nice things because I like it, that's the difference. People spend money and buy all this stuff they probably don't even like. They wear it just to flex, but what's the point? I only buy it because I like it. I like nice things. I like to dress up. I like to have styles. I'm not trying to flex on nobody. 

      Kid Cudi Announces New Album & Netflix Series!

      Kid Cudi Announces New Album & Netflix Series!

      Kid Cudi’s name is circulating the World Wide Web once again as he readies new music and announces a music series on Netflix. Cudi had revealed that he was back in the studio by revealing the title of his upcoming album, “Entergalactic.” Today, the Hollywood Reporter shared that a Netflix series is also in the word, and is based on the album - as it will showcase music from the project’s tracklist.

      The series is the result of a joint effort between Cudi and “Black-ish” creator, Kenya Barris. “Intergalactic” is said to be an adult-focused animated music series that follows a young man on his personal quote for love. The creative duo of Cudi and Barris will write, star and executive produce the series every step of the way.

      As for the album, no date has been set for its release but is expected to be released in waves as the hype for the Netflix series builds.

      As Cudi lets his creative juices flow, once again, we look forward to what's in store. 

      Kid Cudi has always kept it simple, keeping his jewelry at a minimum. But when he does rock a statement ring, or chain, it's as bold as his personality. 

      Desiigner Drops $20K On Uber Every Month!

      Desiigner Drops $20K On Uber Every Month!

      Rapper, Designer is living a luxurious life filled with Uber rides. The “Panda” rapper recently shared a video on social media where he makes a shocking revelation: “My business manager tellin’ me I got to chill out with the Ubers. I’m spending like $20,000 on them shits - a month!” If you do the math, that’s nearly $700 a day - on car fare, alone! Where is Desiigner going?

      View this post on Instagram

      #desiigner spending them racks on Uber rides

      A post shared by DJVONTV (@djvontv) on


      While we might not know his exact whereabouts, day in and day out, we do know that he has a new album on the way! The album is allegedly titled, “Sidney,” which is his government name. “I’m about to step into Chapter 2. I’m doing this, I’m dropping the EP then the big album. Every album is going to be a chapter for me,” shared Designer last Spring in a Billboard interview.

      Lil Wayne Confirms New Album Release + Our Favorite Iced Out Looks

      Lil Wayne Confirms New Album Release + Our Favorite Iced Out Looks

      It’s going to be a Funeral.

      Not a literal one, of course, unless you’re talking about putting beats and lyrics into hearses. In a recent Q&A on radio station Q93 in New Orleans, Lil Wayne confirmed his long-awaited “Funeral” album - which is set to drop before the year is out!

      “I’m not sure. I wouldn’t count it out (Tha Carter VI) but Funeral is my next album. I’ma be dropping that by the end of the year.”

      Weezy further shares how far he’s come along on the forthcoming album: “You know how I work. My album’s always done; it just takes Mack to come in there and wrap up a couple songs and name them. That’s how it go around here. I work every day, so, it just takes them to come in and say Let me get these 20 songs. And they name them and then we go from there.”

      It's been nearly ten years since Weezy debuted his first album, "The Block is Hot," and for the past decade the Young Money ringleader has  not only put out quality material, expanded his legacy by aligning with fellow iconic artists such as Drake and Nicki Minaj, but he's had the Bling Bling on ice. 

      I know it's too early for a throwback but its the perfect segue into our favorite blinged out looks of Weezy. 

      Aside from the pattern clash, Weezy takes "statement piece" to a whole new level with this oversized, iced out pendant matched with a gold cuban link chain. And to top it off, he kept both pinkies on froze with a pair of silver diamond rings. And contrasts his diamond platinum watch with a few wooden beaded bracelets. 


      1 for the money, 2 for the show.
      Now clap your hands if you got a bankroll.


      This iced out, gold "money bag" pendant and chain is definitely for show. And Weezy pairs it with gold gleaming grillz.  

      When you can't decide on which chain to wear, you rock'em all. 

      From Drake's OVO pendant, a couple gold link chains, matched with a pinky ring, a few bracelets and a pair of shades, you can't go wrong. Looking to pull off this look? King Ice's 14K Gold Owl Necklacewith a couple gold chains and a pair (or 2) of our Gold Key or Gold Link Shades in Black, you, too, can be out here lookin' like young money

      Rick Ross Recruits Drake on "Gold Roses"

      Rick Ross Recruits Drake on "Gold Roses"

      The weekend is upon us and while many of us are taking time off from work, the Boss himself has been putting in the OT. Today, Rick Ross unveiled his new collaboration with Drake titled, “Gold Roses.” As Ross readies his long awaited, “Port of Miami 2” release, he gives a preview of what’s to come. “Gold Roses” teases fans and listeners alike with a laid back banger that we assume will build up to even more certified hits.

      Produced by Rascals, Vinylz, Oz, and SykSense, the single finds the Boss and Drizzy delivering undeniably smooth raps - highlighting that he’s never won a Grammy, “never doing Xanny,” and most importantly, appreciating people while they’re still alive.

      For Rozay, the highly anticipated sequel to 2006’s, “Port of Miami,” has been a long time coming. And according to him, it’s “only right I bring it back to where it all started.

      “Gold Roses,” “Port of Miami 2,” is for the “day ones to the new ones.”

      “Tenth studio album. Get ready. Ride with me, it’s time.”

      And speaking of gold - all our new arrivals are available in 14K Gold, White Gold, oor 14K Gold plating.