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      News — Nipsey Hussle

      Cobby Supreme: "$5,000 For This Little Itty Bitty Cross."

      Cobby Supreme: "$5,000 For This Little Itty Bitty Cross."

      The world will never fully recover from the loss of Nipsey Hussle. For Cobby Supreme, he lost his best friend. The All Money In rapper actually began All Money Business with the late Slauson rapper, opening his own AMB apparel store right there on Crenshaw Blvd. Both a part of the Rolling 60’s, Cobby always played the big brother role to Nip in the hood.

      Featured on songs “Checc Me Out” and “H-Town” off Crenshaw, Cobby will always be well-respected in the streets. The South Central Los Angeles native purchased his first car at the young age of 13, hustling and grinding just like he is today. King Ice chatting with Cobby to discuss his jewelry preferences, and the Rollie on his wrist.

      What was the first jewelry piece you had?

      I done had a whole bunch of this shit. [chuckles] I done had too much of this shit. I always been a n*gga to have some rings, a watch, and a chain. You can pull up old pictures and see me with that shit. 



      How old were you?

      It was in my family. I was seeing my uncles and my aunties with that shit. Growing up as kids, my mama had me with some rings, a little chain on, and some earrings. I don’t know, I think it’s some African shit. N*ggas just like to shine. You see that shit? [points to wrist] That shit look good don’t it? That’s a 41, a Rolex. I bought this for myself for Christmas this year. 

      [homies start laughing] Why they laughing?

      They know me.

      Is that the most expensive piece of jewelry you own?

      No. I done had a whole bunch of shit. This is probably my 9th Rolly. Just throughout my life you know, you live. I done had a bunch of watches. 

      Do you just rotate them?

      Yeah. Every now and then, I might throw the gold one on. Might throw the two-tone Oyster Perpetual on or the Presidential. That’s some African shit, n*ggas like jewelry. 

      You actually use it to tell time?

      Yeah see, I’m actually one of them n*ggas who check his watch. I see the date on my shit. [chuckles] Everybody don’t use it like that. You ask a n*gga for the time, they gon’ look at their phone.

      You like watches more than chains?

      Shit, I like chains and shit too. I don’t got on no big ass chain now but this little motherfucker right here works. This a nice bullet, it’s worth something. This piece right here is $5,000 just for this little itty bitty cross. That’s beautiful huh?

      Real diamonds?

      Of course. I’m 100% real, I’m Cobby Supreme. 100% real.

      What do you want your legacy to be?

      I want my legacy to be a guy that came from a certain area, stood up and didn’t accept the things that area only had for him. I went out, went on a journey and found the things that was for me. I want to leave it down to the kids. My mission is to make the people around me millionaires, own more businesses, own some stock. I know this in the industry: a lot of guys don’t do this shit, and that’s why they pay attention to Nip. 

      See I’ve always been a little quiet but in the background, that’s what I’ve always been doing. I’ve always had a spot, either a dispensary or a clothing store. A lot of guys do this shit after they get the money. It’s a little different for me because I’m doing this shit before I get the big ol’ bag. That’s what I try to teach everybody around me: when you get your crumbs, you put it into something. I ain’t take my little money and go crazy, buy all the jewelry in the world or all the fancy cars. I want to own shit. 

      Lauren London Honors Nipsey Hussle on Father’s Day !

      Lauren London Honors Nipsey Hussle on Father’s Day !

      Lauren London took to social media today to honor Nipsey Hussle.

      On her first Father’s Day since his untimely passing, London shared a photo of her, Nipsey, and their son, Kross with a caption that reads: “One of the reasons I fell in Love with You.. Your Fatherhood. Today we celebrate You Love you Ermias.”


      Nearly three months have passed since Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed in front of his store in Los Angeles, but as we’ve all been saying - the Marathon continues..

      London and Hussle had been dating since 2013, and have a 2 1/2 year old son named, Kross. Lauren has also opened her arms to Nipsey’s daughter, Emani - from a previous relationship.

      Nipsey Hussle To Be Honored With Humanitarian Award at 2019 BET Awards

      Nipsey Hussle To Be Honored With Humanitarian Award at 2019 BET Awards

      In addition to a tribute performance by YG, John Legend and DJ Khaled, the late, Nipsey Hussle will also posthumously receive the Humanitarian Award at this year’s BET Awards.

      As you all know, Nipsey Hussle was an active member of his community before he passed. His resilient efforts to serve those who were underserved and underrepresented doesn’t go unnoticed. Nipsey provided opportunities, through his various businesses, by employing those who were previously incarcerated.

      A tribute performance is also scheduled with YG, John Legend and DJ Khaled leading the way. The trio will perform “Higher,” which was the last song Nipsey did a video for, before his untimely death.


      Nipsey Hussle’s Final Appearance in DJ Khaled’s “Higher” Music Video

      Nipsey Hussle’s Final Appearance in DJ Khaled’s “Higher” Music Video

      The Marathon continues.

      Dj Khaled’s highly anticipated drop, “Father of Asahd,” arrived last night featuring a single titled, “Higher.” The record includes guest appearances by John Legend, and the late Nipsey Hussle. This was one of Nip’s last recordings, and the video, released yesterday as well, was his final appearance. Set in Inglewood California, the video finds the trio of iconic artists atop a building - which was filmed just dates before Nipsey’s death. The Eif Rivera directed visual is powerful and was rightfully dedicated.

      Dressed in an all blue ‘fit, Nipsey reflects on family and faith: “Looking back at my life made my heart race. Dance with the devil and test all faith. I was thinking chess moves but it was God’s grace.”

      DJ Khaled took some time in a recent Beats 1 Radio interview to share his thoughts on Nip: “Thank God for me to be able to work with a king like Nipsey Hussle. It’s been hard for me to watch the video, and listen to the song, but also, it’s very beautiful. When you see it, and hear it, you’re going to understand what I’m saying. It’s very beautiful because long live Nipsey Hussle, the Marathon continues.

      In a social media post, John Legend also commented, “Proud to be a part of this inspiring record with @djkhaled and @nipseyhussle. We lost him too soon.”

      According to Khaled, all proceeds from “Higher” will benefit Nipsey’s children, Emani and Kross.

      C Tha God Gifts Lauren London With Nipsey Hussle Pendant

      C Tha God Gifts Lauren London With Nipsey Hussle Pendant

      The Hip Hop community continues to honor the life of the late, Nipsey Hussle. Over the weekend, Charlamagne Tha God gifted Hussle’s long-time girlfriend, Lauren London, with a custom piece from renowned jeweler, Greg Yuna.

      “I originally wanted to make a tribute piece regardless of being approached, but to make one with this purpose was even more fulfilling,” shared Yuna. He goes further into detail about the process of making the pendant, “We made a ad and spent tedious endless hours on the computer trying to get as much detail as possible in so we can print it on a state of the art 3D printing machine. We finally cast it in gold and laser in the tattoos. The finishing touches included the hand-selected full cut diamond in his ear.”

      While Yuna has only met Nipsey once, throughout his career, he shares that he has the “utmost respect,” for the late rapper.