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      News — PENDANTS

      Rubi Rose:  "I’m Going to Go All Out. Chains, Pendants, All That."😁

      Rubi Rose: "I’m Going to Go All Out. Chains, Pendants, All That."😁

      “Fuck! Got a big ass mouth…” Rubi Rose is the definition of a bad bitch. Born in Kentucky but growing up in Atlanta, the “Big Mouth“ recording artist is not afraid to talk her shit, giving other females that confidence boost to talk theirs too.

      Beyond having been compared to the likes of Saweetie and Megan Thee Stallion, a product of her pretty face and strong knees to twerk, Rubi is in her own lane and getting it on her own terms, unbothered by any lames that may come her way. 

      Now, she signs to L.A. Reid and his HitCo imprint, most recently unleashing “Hit Yo Dance” featuring Yella Beezy and NLE Choppa. King Ice caught up with the 22-year-old to discuss jewelry preferences and her desired legacy.

      What’s the most expensive piece of jewelry you own?

      That’s so crazy, I haven’t bought one piece of jewelry literally. Not even gold. Actually I bought a grill, and I got a discount on it. It was $5,000. I haven’t started doing that yet because when I do, I’m going to go all out. Chains, pendants, all that. I’ve been saving up.

      How would you describe your style as it relates to jewelry.

      I literally  just wear big ole ghetto gold hoops, a gold chain, and an anklet. That’s about it.

      What label has the most iconic hip-hop chain in your opinion?

      Maybe Death Row Records. I honestly don’t even know who’s on it, but I saw Choppa had a chain and it said Death Row. He just posted this picture saying “Billie Eilish something…” I thought Suge Knight was in jail. 

      Death Row Records Collection

      What do you want your legacy to be?

      I want to be known for empowering girls to be themselves, be natural, and stick to what they want to do.

      Anything you want to let us know?
      “Worst Day” featuring DaniLeigh coming out next month!

      Lil Wayne Confirms New Album Release + Our Favorite Iced Out Looks

      Lil Wayne Confirms New Album Release + Our Favorite Iced Out Looks

      It’s going to be a Funeral.

      Not a literal one, of course, unless you’re talking about putting beats and lyrics into hearses. In a recent Q&A on radio station Q93 in New Orleans, Lil Wayne confirmed his long-awaited “Funeral” album - which is set to drop before the year is out!

      “I’m not sure. I wouldn’t count it out (Tha Carter VI) but Funeral is my next album. I’ma be dropping that by the end of the year.”

      Weezy further shares how far he’s come along on the forthcoming album: “You know how I work. My album’s always done; it just takes Mack to come in there and wrap up a couple songs and name them. That’s how it go around here. I work every day, so, it just takes them to come in and say Let me get these 20 songs. And they name them and then we go from there.”

      It's been nearly ten years since Weezy debuted his first album, "The Block is Hot," and for the past decade the Young Money ringleader has  not only put out quality material, expanded his legacy by aligning with fellow iconic artists such as Drake and Nicki Minaj, but he's had the Bling Bling on ice. 

      I know it's too early for a throwback but its the perfect segue into our favorite blinged out looks of Weezy. 

      Aside from the pattern clash, Weezy takes "statement piece" to a whole new level with this oversized, iced out pendant matched with a gold cuban link chain. And to top it off, he kept both pinkies on froze with a pair of silver diamond rings. And contrasts his diamond platinum watch with a few wooden beaded bracelets. 


      1 for the money, 2 for the show.
      Now clap your hands if you got a bankroll.


      This iced out, gold "money bag" pendant and chain is definitely for show. And Weezy pairs it with gold gleaming grillz.  

      When you can't decide on which chain to wear, you rock'em all. 

      From Drake's OVO pendant, a couple gold link chains, matched with a pinky ring, a few bracelets and a pair of shades, you can't go wrong. Looking to pull off this look? King Ice's 14K Gold Owl Necklacewith a couple gold chains and a pair (or 2) of our Gold Key or Gold Link Shades in Black, you, too, can be out here lookin' like young money

      How to Grow an Essential Jewelry Collection in 3 Steps

      How to Grow an Essential Jewelry Collection in 3 Steps


      Recommended: Lion Head Shades 

      If your jewelry collection doesn’t have a fire pair of shades, then someone’s led you astray. This is a subtle but bold way to fit in and stand out. DISCOVER SHADES



      Recommended: Staff Favorites (see photo below)

      While there are hundreds of pendants in the world, here are 6 pendants that are sure to get the conversation started no matter where you are. These are perfect for daily wear or any special occasion! DISCOVER PENDANTS


      3. "WATCH" THIS

      Blind them with your wrist. 

      Once considered the crux of every man’s outfit, a dope watch is not only a status symbol but in certain circles it's the holy grail of fashion! One of our favorite watches is the Royal CZ Watch. It's flooded with handset CZ diamond simulates to give this watch a high class feel that's sure to blind your hatersDISCOVER WATCHES