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      News — Pristine

      2 Chainz Jewelry Helped Him Lose Virginity? Weird Flex, But okay!

      2 Chainz Jewelry Helped Him Lose Virginity? Weird Flex, But okay!

      GQ Magazine recently unveiled a new video featuring 2 Chainz, where he flosses his ridiculous jewelry collection and discusses his love for the ice. “In the 7th grade, I had a ring that had my initial on it, which was a T. And I actually used that ring to get me some while I was in the 7th grade. That’s how I lost my virginity.

      The piece opens up with Chainz reminiscing on when he lost his innocence all thanks to jewelry. Up till the present day, jewelry has played a big role in the Atlanta rapper’s life. Throughout the piece we get to see some of his favorite pieces which include a massive cuban link chain with a locket, a tear drop chain, a few staple items for his wrist, and his signature “Tru” pieces as well. In regards to branding, Chainz seems to have been loyal to a couple brands throughout his career - mainly Pristine and Avianne.

      Drawing some inspiration from Chainz's pieces, you, too, can pull off some of his looks with a few of our pieces. In the beginning of the clip, Chainz shows off one of his 15mm White Gold Iced G-Link Chain and a bubble letter "TRAP" pendant . Since everyone isn't balling like 2 Chainz, here's a few iced out bubble letters we have waiting for you.

      Iced Out Bubble Letter "T"Iced Out Bubble Letter "R"Iced Out Bubble Letter "A"Iced Out Bubble Letter "P"

      Some of our staff's Favorite Bubble Letter Chains: "DREAM"
      Iced Out "DREAM" Pendant


      When it comes to his wrist game, Chainz switches it up on the daily. “I like to carry on 7 watches, because there’s 7 days in a week.” We got a few of our own favorite pieces that can help you manage your time as well. 

      Almost mirroring the rose gold piece Chainz keeps in rotation, The Rose Gold Baron Watch is worthy of your time as well. The Rose Gold handset stones cover both the face and the band of the watch which is plated in rose-gold - encasing this steel band.


      And you can’t forget about your finger bling! Chainz can be seen, oftentimes, with at least 2-3 rings on his fingers - whether it’s is signature “World Tru Champions” ring decked out n diamonds, or some simple ice for his pinky. If you’re looking for a statement piece to flaunt on your fingers, our King Ice 14K Gold CZ Crown Ring is an affordable, custom piece that will surely catch some eyes. This ring took over a year to make, after countless revisions - but it was all worth the effort as the design turned out flawless. Finished in 14K gold, and hand set in red, white, and cognac-orange CZ, this ring is a sign of power and influence.