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      News — Rolex

      OMB Peezy: Watches Make Him Claustrophobic

      OMB Peezy: Watches Make Him Claustrophobic

      OMB Peezy is in his own lane in the rap game. Hailing from the projects in Mobile, Alabama and relocated to Sacramento, California would give him the best of both worlds, combining that hard-hitting West Coast production to that Southern trap sound. With his 2017 single “Lay Up” cementing his name in the industry, the 23-year-old continues to bless his very loyal fanbase.

      Most recently, Peezy released the visual for “Let Up,” along with a joint EP with producer DrumDrummie called In The Meantime. The project is meant to hold fans over until his TOO DEEP FOR TEARS tape arrives.

      King Ice caught up with Peezy via Instagram Live who took  a break from getting his hair done to show off his iced out Overkill Peezy chain.

      Do you have a favorite chain?

      Yeah, I’ll show you. This motherfucker right here, this my baby. No rap cap. Badabing Badaboom. You see that Overkill right? I wear it out every day. You have to show the people that you’re working with something.

      Do you like watches?

      Not going to lie, I’m claustrophobic. I don’t really like things on my wrists or on my face. When that face mask thing came up, damn how the fuck am I supposed to wear a face mask all day? I can’t do it.




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      Bankrol Hayden: "First Thing I Bought was a Rollie"

      Bankrol Hayden: "First Thing I Bought was a Rollie"

      Bankrol Hayden is here to put on for Modesto. The 18-year-old has been through hell and back, and you can hear it in his music. After surviving a near fatal car accident two years prior where Hayden was in the back seat and his two friends had passed, the “29” recording artist is determined to go crazy, thanks to the second chance God had gifted him.

      Most recently, he tapped Kid Laroi for the “Costa Rica” remix and released his new single “Rich Bitch.” The latter he describes as something small for the fans, to hold them over until the release of his forthcoming project Pain Is Temporary.

      King Ice caught up with Bankrol Hayden to discuss his Rolex which was stationed upstairs in the house in Malibu he was temporarily recording at.

      How’s that Atlantic Records bag looking?

      It’s cool, I fuck with Atlantic tough. They’re going hard for me. 

      What did you do with your first advance? 

      Shit, the first thing I bought was a Rollie. It’s upstairs [shows the light-up box]. Really clothes. I don’t really spend my money like that, I be chillin’. 

      How often do you wear the Rollie?

      I try not to wear it too much all the time. I’ve been wearing it recently. I got it in Atlanta, Atlanta’s dope. It feels good, it's like a little trophy for me. 



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      Lyrica Anderson's Go-To Jewelry Accessories🌺

      Lyrica Anderson's Go-To Jewelry Accessories🌺

      The world loves Lyrica Anderson, and she loves us back. With over a decade of experience in the industry, the Los Angeles native has not let her foot off the gas pedal in the slightest. Getting her start penning songs like Beyonce’s “Jealous,” Chris Brown’s “Party,” and Demi Lovato’s “All Night Long,” it’s now time to shift all her focus into her own artistry.

      That, and of course being a mother to her son Ocean. Lyrica’s new single “Marriott” is a statement to her ex-husband A1, whose relationship fans may have witnessed all unfold on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop. Now, Lyrica’s focused on her new project — which will be her best one yet.

      King Ice caught up with Lyrica on Instagram Live who was rocking large hoops, a double nose ring, and big shades under the bright LA sun.

      What are your go-to accessories jewelry-wise?

      The double nose ring is there no matter what. Even if I wear all silver (because it’s gold), they’re there. They’re real. I mix real jewelry and costume jewelry. These are some cheap little hoops that are comfortable that go with anything, with some jeans or whatever. Then I have my Rolex, I’ll wear that. It depends on what kind of mood I’m in, if I’m dressing up that day.

      I see you got ice on your neck too.

      I wear a choker chain. I have a diamond one, I have a little one. It just depends.

      Mike Darole: Find Out How a $50,000 Nearly Cost Him His Life

      Mike Darole: Find Out How a $50,000 Nearly Cost Him His Life

      Rollies aren’t always your best friend. For Mike Darole, it damn near cost him his life. Unfortunately for the Bay Area native, he was shot once already years ago back home in San Jose, resulting in open heart surgery to keep him alive. Fast forward to a few months back, he was shot AGAIN, this time in the comfort of his own home.

      2 guys jumped him in the elevators of his apartment complex in Los Angeles, and Mike went into straight survival mode to protect himself. The physical altercation resulted in the rapper getting shot in the elbow, landing him right back in the hospital — a dark place full of pain that he already had to overcome.

      King Ice caught up with Mike Darole to discuss his $50K Rolex, and why that led the two guys to try to rob him in the elevator. Thankfully, Mike survived and is here to tell his truth.

      Can you touch on the Rolex and the bad energy that it brought?

      Jewelry itself, those are trophies to me. I work really hard for that. I work really hard in general. I I want to purchase jewelry because in this music industry, that’s one of the things that other artists see. Fans and other people see jewelry, they’re like “okay.” The thing is with jewelry and materialistic things, it brings negative energy. That’s the people who don’t have what you have. I had to learn the hard way. I didn’t know that having all the jewelry was going to bring this type of energy, and that I’d be getting shot. It’s unfortunate. Sometimes I don’t even want to buy this shit anymore, because I have to look over my shoulder? Or I have to hire security to be with me? It’s ridiculous. 

      Talk about your cross pieces? 

      This right here means life forever. I really do believe in God, so I have crosses on me. I have a cross right here [points to tattoo]. I feel safe with this.



      Chrishan Says He Can Buy 2 Houses 🏠In Toledo, Ohio w/ His Rollies🤯

      Chrishan Says He Can Buy 2 Houses 🏠In Toledo, Ohio w/ His Rollies🤯

      Chrishan is nephew to legendary artist Lyfe Jennings, which says a lot about his talents already. Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, but now calling Los Angeles his new home, the singer, songwriter, producer has found his place in the music industry. 

      While working alongside Hitmaka and producing some of rap’s greatest hits, such as Meek Mill’s “Dangerous” and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s “Look Back At It,” Chrishan is now transitioning his focus to his own artistry. Most recently, he released his single “Sin City” which went viral off an audio video online. It was so fire that even Ty Dolla $ign jumped on the remix.

      King Ice chatted with Chrishan to discuss his favorite jewelry and why.

      Talk about your drip. How much you have on? 

      I have a lil something something. I go to Pristine in New York. This is a Rollie, probably $30K, $35K. On the other hand, I got this for $10K, $15K. I got this from Pristine too. 

      Why do you like Pristine?

      Pristine, Ofir’s my guy over there. He’s the one who created the chandelier for DJ Khaled, the original one. He’s right there in Diamond District. 


      Do you wear chains too? 

      Yeah I wear chains sometimes, that I got from Pristine. Honestly I like the drip, but I might go to something a bit more conservative. Because I’m about to take this shit and put it into a property. 

      It’s crazy you can do that with one item.

      Back in Toledo where I came from, this right here can buy 2 houses.


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