AllStarrDaGreat Weighs In On The Best Jewelry In Hip Hop💎

AllStarrDaGreat Weighs In On The Best Jewelry In Hip Hop💎

AllStarrDaGreat is here to have the rap game, putting quality music back into hip-hop. Hailing from Newark, New Jersey, the odds were against him. His upbringing itself would serve as fuel to make it out and do something positive with his life, which is exactly what he’s doing as a real lyricist. 

Most recently, AllStarrDaGreat tapped Benny The Butcher for his new visual for “Randy Foye.” The record is not only a testament to 2 fire MCs collaborating on a track, but also pays tribute to the NBA legend from his hometown. AllStarr used to hoop, and he traded hoop dreams for the studio.

King Ice caught up with AllStarrDaGreat via FaceTime, who was getting a cut outside in Jersey.

Do you feel you have to wear jewelry as an artist?

If that’s part of your get up, definitely wear you some jewelry. Once you accomplish some things, you definitely should get you a piece. Get you a watch. You don’t have to wear it, but it’s a trophy in this rap shit.

Who has the best jewelry in the game right now?

Migos be going off, they got some dope jewelry. Lil Baby got some shit. Westside Gunn got some fire jewelry right now. 6ix9ine got some jewelry I’m sure n*ggas want to take. He got a lot of Richard Millie’s right now, I’m sure n*ggas want to snatch that. [laughs]

Which hip-hop label in your opinion had the most iconic chain?

Busta Rhymes was going crazy at some point, with the jewels. Always 50 Cent had good jewelry, because you want to be able to take your jewelry back and get what you paid for it. A lot of people have diamonds, but it’s low paid diamonds. Diddy and 50 were big on that, their jewelry is praised for what they spent on it.


July 02, 2020 — Shirley Ju
Chief Keef Mansion Musick Listening Party - Presented by King Ice

Chief Keef Mansion Musick Listening Party - Presented by King Ice

Chief Keef has quietly been putting in a lot of work in 2018, with five projects already in the bag. On Tuesday (July 10), Chief Keef allowed a private crowd to hear the first sounds of the newly released full studio album Mansion Musick at a listening party at the Hollywood Hills Penthouse in Los Angeles, CA. 

The Windy City rapper breezes through with 11 new tracks. Sosa takes up the bulk of the run time, offering 10 solo cuts, with Playboi Carti making the only feature appearance on the song, "Uh Uh."

85 attendees received pieces from the new Glo Gang Collection x King Ice collaboration Glo Gang jewelry line.


Special Guest Attendant - NBA young Boy

skai jackson Disney Star  Zuri Ross

Skai Jackson aka Zuri Ross

Original Young Money Founder Fee Banks | NBA Young Boy Manager


Myles O'Neal - Shaquille O'Neal son

Custom Halo Photobooth

'Shameless' Star Ethan Cutkosky