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      YHN HammerTime is "Back At It Again" with a $37k AP 🤯

      YHN HammerTime is "Back At It Again" with a $37k AP 🤯

      YHN HammerTime is heating up the streets with his hot new single, “Back at it Again." The new record, shows off an international trap sound with a catchy hook over a chilling beat. 

      Showing undeniable raw charisma, hard hitting delivery, and unique sound, the rising star kills his verses with dynamic wordplay before getting to a distinct hook. The new record also features a rhythmic verse from YHN Balla, who was recently released a new single with Da Baby.

      King Ice caught up with YHN HammerTime to discuss his love for jewelry.

    • How would you describe your jewelry style?
    • I would say I like “Shinning in the Dark.”
    • How do you decide which jewelry pieces to wear?
    • Depending on the function/event I’m going to and also depending the type of day it is. I don’t wear my grills to my business meetings because it doesn’t fit the professional environment/ it may a bigger distraction that takes away from what I’m trying to get done. And, all my jewelry have special meanings to me.  I have two face pendents, one is for my boy that passed and the other is for my boy that’s in jail. So I wear both most days, cause it’s my way of saying they’re always with me. 

    • What’s the most expensive jewelry you’ve ever bought?
    • I’d have to say my AP watch which was $37,000.

      YHN HammerTime Audemar Patek

    • Name one accessory every person should have in their jewelry collection?
    • I mean I dropped 37 on a watch so I’d have to say “A watch” haha. But, it doesn’t have to be nothing crazy or expensive a simple watch always works too.

    • Do you feel like you have to wear jewelry in every video?
    • No not really. Like it said earlier it depends on the vibe. Sometimes I may wear a lot or sometimes I may keep it chill. Remember, your jewelry is supposed to compliment you. Doing too much may look like you’re trying too much and you’ll end up looking tacky.

    • Anything else you want the people to know?
    • If I had to give an advice it would be do not rush to own an expensive jewelry because you also have to remember, it is not an asset. I didn’t own my first iced out jewelry until I had six figures to my name.


      Take a listen to YHN HammerTime's new single "Back at it Again"


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