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      King Ice x PlayStation Collection Sold Out in 24 Hours!

      King Ice x PlayStation Collection Sold Out in 24 Hours!

      King Ice has officially linked up with one of the biggest brands in gaming ! The collaboration has sparked the launch of the FIRST EVER line of streetwear jewelry inspired by PlayStation. The newly release collection features quality gold chais, pendants, and bracelets crafted into the brand’s most iconic images - their PS logo, signature controller, and buttons.

      When the collection initially dropped last week, at least six of the collaborative pieces were sold out within 24 hours!

      It also marked one of the rare moments the gaming and Hip Hop communities joined forces. Gamers can now rep their passion for their beloved hobby in style.

      Let’s take a closer look at the pieces below!

      The iconic PlayStation “PS” logo is available in three styles - 14K Gold w/ clear VVS Diamond Simulates, a 14K Gold w/ canary yellow, royal blue, candy red & jade, VVS Diamond Simulates, and White Gold with clear round cut VVS Diamond Simulates. All three are paired with a 2.5mm, 20” stainless steel Franco chain. Price range = $70-80.

      The signature PlayStation controller also comes in five variations - one in solid 14K gold, another in 14K gold plating, two in white gold (with & without VVS Diamond Simulates), and an “iced out” 14K gold plated version. The PlayStation controller buttons are also available as a necklace and a bracelet - both with 14K Gold and VVS Diamond Simulates.

      We are proud to present our long awaited Playstation by King Ice inspired collection - showing prowess with these beautiful, shining pieces.” (King Ice)


      King Ice Interviews Co-Founder of Death Row Records

      King Ice Interviews Co-Founder of Death Row Records

      Hip Hop legend, N.W.A. member, and co-founder of Death Row Records, The D.O.C. offers up a lot interesting talking points in his exclusive sit down with King Ice’s @SteveMurray2. In this exclusive episode of “Inspired by Culture,” D.O.C. shed light on his past, the role he played in starting Death Row, meeting Suge Knight, working with Easy E and more.

      He even touched on his relationship to the legendary, Tupac, growing in the industry with Dr. Dre, fostering Snoop Dogg’s growth as an artist, and working on the “F**k the Police” record - that had the whole industry shook. 

      Inspired by Culture” is powered by King Ice - the #1 online retailer for urban jewelry.

      D.O.C on Inspired By Culture with Steve Murray

      Co-Founder of Death Row, The D.O.C. | Inspired By Culture

      Hip hop legend, member of N.W.A., and co-founder of Death Row Records, The D.O.C. sits down with @SteveMurray2 in this exclusive episode of Inspired by Culture to speak on his past and his role in starting Death Row, meeting Suge Knight, Working with Eazy-E, and more. Touching on topics such as his relationship to Tupac, growing in the industry with Suge Knight and Dr. Dre, working on the F**k The Police record, and Helping Snoop Dogg become what he is today. 

      See Death Row Records Collection:

      Death Row Records Chain


      King Ice On Set With Kayla Ashlee

      King Ice On Set With Kayla Ashlee

      Baltimore bred, LA based singer, Kayla Ashlee is a fresh voice breaking into the scene. Last year, she unveiled her EP, “Love Lessons.” And this year, she’s ready to show us more of what she has to offer, musically. On the set for her recent video shoot for her new single F.W.Y.T, we came through with a few pieces from our Spectrum Collection

      The Spectrum Collection features vibrant pieces comprised of colorful VVS Diamond Simulates - including magenta, amethyst, and royal blue - with a 14K Gold finish. The Collection showcases the diverse range of styles of the new highly desired multi-color tennis chain trend. 

      K. Michelle Is Releasing New Music on Death Row Records

      K. Michelle Is Releasing New Music on Death Row Records

      R&B songstress, K. Michelle, is set to release her new single on Death Row Records. The storied West Coast label, has taken her under their wing - even gifting her with an official hoodie, which she wore for a photo opp. “Guess who’s releasing a record on DEATHROW,” she wrote on Twitter. For Michelle, this marks a new chapter in her career as its been a ream of hers to release music through a label that once signed the legendary, Tupac Shakur.

      “I used to wear my Tupac shirt my momma bought me and rap and sing! Do anything you want!”

      If you recall, K. Michelle was previously signed to Atlantic Records; releasing four albums, with her recent being 2017’s “Kimberly: The People I Used to Know.” But for some time now, the label has removed her from the artist roster on their website.

      A little about Death Row, if you’ve been out of the loop since the early 1990’s (insert eyeball here), the label was founded in 1991 by Suge Knight, Dr. Dre and the D.O.C. It became the home for Hip Hop royalty including Dre, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, and Nate Dogg.



       Earlier this year, we unveiled our official KingIce x Death Row Records collaboration utilizing the iconic Death Row Records logo.