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      Rah Swish Blows Big Bags In Los Angeles

      Rah Swish Blows Big Bags In Los Angeles
      Rah Swish is making sure Pop Smoke’s legacy lives on forever. When it comes to The Woo, he describes it as a lifestyle. This isn’t just one person, it’s the whole gang — coming from the struggle coming up in Brooklyn, New York. As one of the hottest new artists out of the Brooklyn drill scene, Rah represents The Woo in the most positive light.

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      O.T. Genasis Prizes His Puzzle Piece Chain For His Son

      O.T. Genasis Prizes His Puzzle Piece Chain For His Son

      O.T. Genasis doesn’t have drip, he has a whole puddle. With an endless catalog of viral hits, from “CoCo” to “Cut It” to “Bae” to “I Look Good,” the Long Beach native has yet to miss. When it comes to creating bangers and records that listeners will eat up all around the world, O.T. is low key a genius.

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      Mr. Criminal Talks Rollies & 15 Chains

      Mr. Criminal Talks Rollies & 15 Chains
      Mr. Criminal is here to encourage the youth that they too can succeed, despite the obstacles and battles life throws at you on a daily basis. The Chicano rapper hails from all over Southern California, with multiple sources of income. Whether he’s dropping music, acting in big-time films, selling his own merch, or even selling exotic dogs, real name Roberto Garcia is a hustler and business if there ever was one.

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      Pat Muresan Lists His Go-To Jewelry Accessories

      Pat Muresan Lists His Go-To Jewelry Accessories
      Pat Muresan is here to prove he can make music as good as he can skateboard. After 15 years of amateur skateboarding, the Germany-born, Atlanta-raised native broke his ankle, which resulted in his discovery of his ability to actually make fire music. With a love for fashion still, Pat blends his personality into his R&B ballads, making music for the masses to feel and enjoy.

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      YHN HammerTime is "Back At It Again" with a $37k AP 🤯

      YHN HammerTime is "Back At It Again" with a $37k AP 🤯

      YHN HammerTime is heating up the streets with his hot new single, “Back at it Again." The new record, shows off an international trap sound with a catchy hook over a chilling beat. 

      Showing undeniable raw charisma, hard hitting delivery, and unique sound, the rising star kills his verses with dynamic wordplay before getting to a distinct hook. The new record also features a rhythmic verse from YHN Balla, who was recently released a new single with Da Baby.

      King Ice caught up with YHN HammerTime to discuss his love for jewelry.

    • How would you describe your jewelry style?
    • I would say I like “Shinning in the Dark.”
    • How do you decide which jewelry pieces to wear?
    • Depending on the function/event I’m going to and also depending the type of day it is. I don’t wear my grills to my business meetings because it doesn’t fit the professional environment/ it may a bigger distraction that takes away from what I’m trying to get done. And, all my jewelry have special meanings to me.  I have two face pendents, one is for my boy that passed and the other is for my boy that’s in jail. So I wear both most days, cause it’s my way of saying they’re always with me. 

    • What’s the most expensive jewelry you’ve ever bought?
    • I’d have to say my AP watch which was $37,000.

      YHN HammerTime Audemar Patek

    • Name one accessory every person should have in their jewelry collection?
    • I mean I dropped 37 on a watch so I’d have to say “A watch” haha. But, it doesn’t have to be nothing crazy or expensive a simple watch always works too.

    • Do you feel like you have to wear jewelry in every video?
    • No not really. Like it said earlier it depends on the vibe. Sometimes I may wear a lot or sometimes I may keep it chill. Remember, your jewelry is supposed to compliment you. Doing too much may look like you’re trying too much and you’ll end up looking tacky.

    • Anything else you want the people to know?
    • If I had to give an advice it would be do not rush to own an expensive jewelry because you also have to remember, it is not an asset. I didn’t own my first iced out jewelry until I had six figures to my name.


      Take a listen to YHN HammerTime's new single "Back at it Again"


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