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      BAPE x Wiz Khalifa: Bape Heads Inspired Capsule

      BAPE x Wiz Khalifa: Bape Heads Inspired Capsule

      The BAPE HEADS inspired collection continues to expand as hype beast brand, BAPE, connects with Wiz Khalifa for their latest collaboration.

      Inspired by the BAPE Heads Show merch (which has featured cartoon iterations of Kid Cudi, Pusha T & Big Sean), the items in this new collection will feature Wiz Khalifa in the same animation style, accompanied by BAPE’s sidekick, Baby Milo.

      With the Fall season ahead, expect to see graphic hoodies, crewnecks and short-sleeved tees with a black or white base. Included in this launch will be an exclusive Shark Face hoodie, as well. For Wiz, his BAPE APE Head is also seen sporting dreads and a pair of white sunglasses - typically seen on Wiz’s face. The capsule will be available at BAPE retailers and online, worldwide, starting Saturday, July 27th.



      Recap: Jim Jones "El Capo" Concert (NYC)

      Recap: Jim Jones "El Capo" Concert (NYC)

      The music critics have been chiming in on Jim Jones' new album, "El Capo." Overall, the reception has been positive - with many saying this is his best body of work in the past ten years! With the Heatmakerz on deck, Jones continues to perfect and refine the sound that is uniquely his own. Going through the tracklist, the Heatmakerz snatch listeners' souls with their piercing production that's only amplified with Jones' distinct flow and voice.

      To celebrate yet another win in his storied career, Jones put on a concert in his beloved city of New York. Playing host, Gramercy Theater was filled with sounds of "El Capo" as Jones performed various tracks - and even bringing out surprise guests, such as Maino.

      Check out #MariaMyraine and #yeaimMike's recap below. Throughout his performance, Jones was spotted with a few hefty chains dangling from his neck, along with a few cuban link bracelets on each wrist and some pinky frost on each hand. 

      Desiigner Drops $20K On Uber Every Month!

      Desiigner Drops $20K On Uber Every Month!

      Rapper, Designer is living a luxurious life filled with Uber rides. The “Panda” rapper recently shared a video on social media where he makes a shocking revelation: “My business manager tellin’ me I got to chill out with the Ubers. I’m spending like $20,000 on them shits - a month!” If you do the math, that’s nearly $700 a day - on car fare, alone! Where is Desiigner going?

      View this post on Instagram

      #desiigner spending them racks on Uber rides

      A post shared by DJVONTV (@djvontv) on


      While we might not know his exact whereabouts, day in and day out, we do know that he has a new album on the way! The album is allegedly titled, “Sidney,” which is his government name. “I’m about to step into Chapter 2. I’m doing this, I’m dropping the EP then the big album. Every album is going to be a chapter for me,” shared Designer last Spring in a Billboard interview.

      Will Smith to Star in His First Fashion Campaign With Moncler

      Will Smith to Star in His First Fashion Campaign With Moncler

      What hasn’t Will Smith done in his storied career?

      Apparently, he has never tapped into the world of fashion - until now. Moncler has announced that they have recruited Smith for their new campaign, “Genius is Born Crazy.” With the visual direction of Tim Walker, the campaign will be a “visual study on the notion of genius” - according to a recent press release.

      I believe in the power of crazy and I always give a chance to a crazy dream. The magic often happens somewhere beyond the ordinary, in the exploration of new horizons that only few see, before others follow. Long live the craziest intuitions when rigor and dedication are there to make them happen. It’s an honor to have Will Smith, in his first advertising fashion campaign, embracing our crazy idea to celebrate the genius hidden within everyone,” said Remo Ruffini, chairman and CEO of Moncler.

      Kid Cudi Announces New Album & Netflix Series!

      Kid Cudi Announces New Album & Netflix Series!

      Kid Cudi’s name is circulating the World Wide Web once again as he readies new music and announces a music series on Netflix. Cudi had revealed that he was back in the studio by revealing the title of his upcoming album, “Entergalactic.” Today, the Hollywood Reporter shared that a Netflix series is also in the word, and is based on the album - as it will showcase music from the project’s tracklist.

      The series is the result of a joint effort between Cudi and “Black-ish” creator, Kenya Barris. “Intergalactic” is said to be an adult-focused animated music series that follows a young man on his personal quote for love. The creative duo of Cudi and Barris will write, star and executive produce the series every step of the way.

      As for the album, no date has been set for its release but is expected to be released in waves as the hype for the Netflix series builds.

      As Cudi lets his creative juices flow, once again, we look forward to what's in store. 

      Kid Cudi has always kept it simple, keeping his jewelry at a minimum. But when he does rock a statement ring, or chain, it's as bold as his personality.