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    Anthony Davis & Dwayne Wade Featured on NBA2K20 Cover

    Anthony Davis & Dwayne Wade Featured on NBA2K20 Cover

    NBA2K20 is coming. 

    Officially confirmed, Dwayne Wade will be featured on the Legend Edition cover, while Anthony Davis will be spotlighted on the Standard and Deluxe Editions. It was only right to give the Legend Edition cover to Wade, who officially retired from the game of basketball this past season. 

    As for Davis, this is the second time he's made it the cover, after appearing on the NBA2K16 cover along with Steph Curry and James Harden. 

    After the cover reveals, 2K also announced that NBA2K20 will drop this Fall on September 6th. Check out the official video teaser below as well as the covers. 



    Looking for some new ice for the Summer and in the basketball spirit? Check out Champion Heritage Jersey Necklace.

    Sprayground Unveils African Intelligence Collection

    Sprayground Unveils African Intelligence Collection

    Sprayground plays on the concept of artificial intelligence with a collection of 27 bags inspired by the continent of Africa. A.I. is commonly known as "artificial intelligence," which is known as intelligence demonstrated by machines i.e., robots and technology, etc. However, there is nothing artificial about this collection - it's built on nature, spirit, heart, and mind; we are united beyond or differences — this A.I. Collection aka "African Intelligence" is a celebration of what brings us together honoring the past, present, and future. Co-created by @Sandflowerpower with @davidbendavid this collection is inspired by the many countries and cultures of the birthplace of humanity,  Africa.

     The new collection pays homage to the richness and royalty of Africa, ranging from duffles, backpacks, crossbody, and body slings, A.I is the brands most diverse collection to date.

    "This A.I. Collection is a project inspired by the Royalty, Pride, Love, and Power of the birthplace of nature and humanity itself:  Africa. Drawing on the elements of earth, fire, air, water and spirit/soul from the many different countries and cultures of the continent, we have created a visual moment in time that is like nothing else you have seen before.  While the backpack is meant to be carried physically, let this collection also carry us deeper into our highest minds, spiritually. It has been one of the most beautiful journeys of my life to collaborate and create with David Ben David and Sprayground on this collection. African Intelligence is the past, present, future, and now".

    Jim Jones Links With Fat Joe in "NYC"

    Jim Jones Links With Fat Joe in "NYC"

    On the heels of his "El Capo" release, Jim Jones, reps for his city in his new collaborative single, "NYC." On the Fat Joe assisted record, Jones links with director, Shula The Don, to co-direct the single's official video. 

    Paying homage to the Big Apple, the video follows the two native New Yorkers through the notorious neighborhoods and sights of the borough of Manhattan. It also gives nods to the New York Knicks and Yankees, while a cameo quote from Queen icon, LL Cool J, appears. And a chilling reference to the Central Park Five - from Netflix's gripping series, "When They See Us." 

    In the video, Jones is seen sporting multiple diamond chains - including a few Louis Vuitton "LV" pendants, a hefty Jesus piece, some wrist and finger ice, as well. Watch below.  

    Champion x BEAMS x Yu Nagaba For “Toy Story” Collection

    Champion x BEAMS x Yu Nagaba For “Toy Story” Collection

    Pixar Animation Studios have recently opened their “The Science Behind Pixar” exhibition, and are celebrating it with an exclusive new collaboration. Teaming up with Champion, BEAMS, and Japanese artist, Yu Nagaba, Pixar will be releasing a “Toy Story” apparel collection. The collection will feature six pieces include sweatshirts and t-shirts.

    The staple Champion sweatshirt features bold text that read “WOODY,” and “BUZZ” in collegiate font as well as a “PIXAR” logo. All three will also include a stitched Champion “C” on the left sleeve, as character tokens will appear on the right.

    For the tees, BEAMS and Yu Nagaba provide illustrations of Woody and Buzz in Nagaba’s distinct artistic style against solid blocks of orange, black and white.

    Check out the previews below!

    Hip Hop & The Gold Chain.

    Hip Hop & The Gold Chain.

    Today, there’s no denying that Hip Hop and jewelry are ubiquitous. And the relationship between the two has grown stronger over the years. The culture that was birthed from stories of struggle is now in a space to celebrate its progression – and status. And rappers will continue to use jewelry as a symbol of success.

    From Kurtis Blow sporting multiple gold chains on the cover of his debut album to LL Cool J’s gold rope chains, Notorious B.I.G.’s massive gold Jesus piece designed by Tito the Jeweler, to iconic record label logos embossed in gold and diamonds – gold chains and Hip Hop became synonymous. 

    Early pioneers of the culture would have never imagined this shift. From what started as a creative medium for the oppressed, subjected and under-represented, to a full-blown culture that boasts its success and wealth with hefty gold chains.

    But before all of this even started – did you know that the earliest record of gold chains takes us back to ancient Egypt? Legend has it that they wore gold chains to scare away evil spirits and for good luck. Many wars were also fought over gold – it represented strength, wealth and eternal love. Fast forward a couple of hundred years and the gold chain is now seen as a status, worth, time and dedication symbol.

    There are a few things that make a Hip Hop artist a dope - solid rhymes, a relentless flow, swagger - and Pt, Ag, Au, and C. For my geeks who got that, I appreciate you. For the ones still scratching their heads, that’s platinum, gold, silver, and carbon, which when compressed, forms a diamond. Elements that are synonymous with Hip Hop. 

    From the very beginning, gold has been a staple. 

    Move forward a few more years Hip Hop became an organized industry gold moved from a symbol of status to moving billboards for the artist. Take, for example, the Roc-A-Fella symbol worn by Jay-Z. Now, in the present, gold is still prevalent but it's not just worn as a chain - you can see it in artists mouths as "grillz" have become increasingly popular, or wrapped around their wrists, embedded in their eyewear, shoewear, etc.

    Times have changed but one thing still stands -- Hip Hop and gold will forever be indebted to each other. Think as the music as a form of the struggle and the gold is a representation of escaping it.