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      Jayy Grams Is Rocking His Cinematic Music Chain

      Jayy Grams Is Rocking His Cinematic Music Chain

      Jayy Grams gives hope to all anyone who’s stuck in the trenches with dreams of making it out. Hailing from Baltimore, a city with a crabs-in-the-bucket mentality, the 20-year-old found music to be his calling. Coming up as one-third of rap group LOWFi, Jayy is a breath of fresh air with his clever wordplay and real-life storytelling over heartfelt beats. Losing his father at the young age of 6, it was at 9 years old when he’d write his first rap.

      Most recently, Jayy released his debut album titled Every Gram Counts, via Cinematic Music Group. Catching the attention of Johnny Shipes is only the beginning, as Jayy plans to drop 3 more projects this year alone. 

      King Ice caught up with Jayy who was locked in the studio in New York with Smoke DZA, doing what he loves to do most: record.

      How much drip you got on? 

      I’m not even a jewelry dude. I have this dog tag from my father. I had the Cinematic chain, but they wanted to wait for me to drop another project. They want me to really get my foot in the door before I can get another chain. I’d fuck around and get a LOWFi chain if anything.

      Do you feel like being an artist you have to wear jewelry?

      A little bit. Maybe when you start out for real. Eventually, I’ll come up with a couple chains. They’ve established a little place in society. You don’t have to if you really don’t want to. It definitely gives you that image quicker, but I’m just not really a jewelry person.


      FKI 1$T Is Wearing His Diamonds Through Quarantine

      FKI 1$T Is Wearing His Diamonds Through Quarantine

      Photo Credit: Nathan James

      FKI 1$T
      is a jack of all trades. From producing some of hip-hop’s biggest hits (Travis Porter’s “Make It Rain,” Travis Scott’s “R.I.P. Screw,” Post Malone’s “White Iverson) to putting out his own music as an artist, the Atlanta native lives in the studio. If you’ve heard his Good Gas EPs, you already know the type of vibe he’s on: nothing but pure bangers.

      Most recently, 1$T tapped back into his African roots and teamed up with Kenya superstar Victoria Kimani for an entire project titled Afreaka. The blend of 2 cultures from Africa to Atlanta is the collab project we always wanted.

      King Ice caught up with 1$T via Instagram Live to discuss his chain and wearing diamond at all times.

      Talk about your jewelry preferences, what chain you got on?

      Keeping it light today. I have Angel City Jewelers from my homie. I have the angel on me, my favorite number is 13. I decided to put them together. The little ring, I keep it light. You can see it, but I keep it light. 

      I hate when… you ever listen to a rapper. They come to your studio, you’re interviewing them and they ain’t got no jewelry on? “Hey, you told me about all these diamonds. What happened to them?” 

      Some people be chillin’ at the crib during quarantine...

      Quarantine can’t hold my diamonds back! I don’t give a fuck. [laughs] I’m rocking them everyday. Fuck the quarantine, they’re going to see these. 


      T-Pain Still Has His Iconic Chain

      T-Pain Still Has His Iconic Chain

       Photo credit: Romell Findlay

      T-Pain even need an introduction? The R&B singer-songwriter is best known for sparking a whole autotune movement, unleashing hit after hit after hit. "I'm Sprung", "I'm 'n Luv (Wit a Stripper)", "Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin')", "Bartender", "Can't Believe It", “Kiss Kiss” featuring Chris Brown are just a few of our favorites.

      Fast forward to 2020, T-Pain is living his best life. Quarantine has been his dream come true, revealing he actually hates travelling. His house in Atlanta is a trip in itself, stocked with his own arcade, movie theater, a T-Pain shrine in his hallway of accolades, and even room for his top hats. King Ice caught up with the Nappy Boy Entertainment founder to bring us back one of the most iconic chains in hip-hop history.

      Do you still have your iconic chain?

      Yeah, it’s somewhere in this house. I have no idea where it is. It’s somewhere in here, I don’t know man. I get drunk and I fuck with it a lot, then it gets put down somewhere in here. I don’t know where it is.

      Do you ever wear it out?

      Oh no, it’s too heavy. It’s too much. Either I’m at show on stage or I’m drunk out of my mind in the studio and feel like wearing it real quick. [laughs]


      AllStarrDaGreat Weighs In On The Best Jewelry In Hip Hop💎

      AllStarrDaGreat Weighs In On The Best Jewelry In Hip Hop💎

      AllStarrDaGreat is here to have the rap game, putting quality music back into hip-hop. Hailing from Newark, New Jersey, the odds were against him. His upbringing itself would serve as fuel to make it out and do something positive with his life, which is exactly what he’s doing as a real lyricist. 

      Most recently, AllStarrDaGreat tapped Benny The Butcher for his new visual for “Randy Foye.” The record is not only a testament to 2 fire MCs collaborating on a track, but also pays tribute to the NBA legend from his hometown. AllStarr used to hoop, and he traded hoop dreams for the studio.

      King Ice caught up with AllStarrDaGreat via FaceTime, who was getting a cut outside in Jersey.

      Do you feel you have to wear jewelry as an artist?

      If that’s part of your get up, definitely wear you some jewelry. Once you accomplish some things, you definitely should get you a piece. Get you a watch. You don’t have to wear it, but it’s a trophy in this rap shit.

      Who has the best jewelry in the game right now?

      Migos be going off, they got some dope jewelry. Lil Baby got some shit. Westside Gunn got some fire jewelry right now. 6ix9ine got some jewelry I’m sure n*ggas want to take. He got a lot of Richard Millie’s right now, I’m sure n*ggas want to snatch that. [laughs]

      Which hip-hop label in your opinion had the most iconic chain?

      Busta Rhymes was going crazy at some point, with the jewels. Always 50 Cent had good jewelry, because you want to be able to take your jewelry back and get what you paid for it. A lot of people have diamonds, but it’s low paid diamonds. Diddy and 50 were big on that, their jewelry is praised for what they spent on it.


      CeeLo Green is Thomas Calloway + Zoom SweepStakes $1,500 in Prizes

      CeeLo Green is Thomas Calloway + Zoom SweepStakes $1,500 in Prizes

      The Green is out the bag! You can win a Zoom Party with international superstar, 5x Grammy Award winner, CeeLo Green and... win up to $1,500 in prizes. 

      Enter to Win Here:



      New York, NY (April 10, 2020) – Five-time Grammy award winning singer, songwriter CeeLo Green releases new music today with the first track “Lead Me” from his forthcoming album entitled “CeeLo Green is… Thomas Callaway” (Easy Eye / BMG). This is CeeLo’s first album in five years and for this highly anticipated next project, he has collaborated with Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, who took on the role of producer of this new, artistic endeavor with CeeLo. The album is out now. (UPDATED July 1, 2020) 






      Dan Auerbach invited CeeLo to Nashville for some writing sessions without the intention of creating an album, but this unexpected, musical pair started vibing and walked away with a timeless record. For the first time ever while recording, CeeLo sang with a live band in the same room. It was comprised of noteworthy Nashville musicians including Gene Chrisman and Bobby Wood of the Memphis BoysRuss Paul, Dave RoeBilly Sanford, Ray Jacildo and Mike Rojas. Working closely together in the studio, the two award winning artists along with renowned writers Bobby Wood, David Ferguson, Roger Cook, and Paul Overstreet created a lyrically positive and inspiring, redemption album that is easy to listen to from start to finish. 


      “I didn’t walk into the studio as the artist CeeLo Green going to record songs for a new album; I went in solely as myself, the writer Thomas Callaway. CeeLo Green preforms the songs that Thomas Callaway writes,” he explains. “I’m a shaman for that old soul and it came through on this album.”


      The name of the album gives fans an idea of what to expect from the overall music as “Thomas Callaway” is CeeLo Green’s given name. This raw album is a real glimpse inside his true soulful character and life beyond the Gnarls persona and “Forget You” pop-sound. “CeeLo Green is… Thomas Callaway” is soulful, with gospel undertones and naturally was influenced by its surroundings in Nashville. It is a reflection of who Thomas Callaway is and a nod to his church-going, southern family roots. The soulful single and overall album finds CeeLo channeling luminaries like Bill Withers, Donny Hathaway and Staple Singers. 


      "We spent weeks writing and singing songs and we never once talked about trying to write a was so liberating. I think it freed us to where we could follow our hearts. So, we ended up singing about the things that mattered most in our lives - our kids and our loved ones and what we hope for them. We always came back to love and forgiveness and the passing of time. I feel like together we captured some very special moments on tape. For me, this record is about love, healing and peace of mind,” explains Dan Auerbach.


      Additionally, CeeLo Green has partnered with @LYFT to provide essential workers in his hometown of Atlanta with transportation. CeeLo is giving away rides to those who need it most. If you or someone you know has a critical need for transportation in Atlanta (i.e., hospital workers, transit workers, first responders, etc.), DM CeeLo (social handles below) and he will respond to as many essential workers possible with a discounted ride code (up to $10). The campaign launches tomorrow April 11th and will run until April 14th. #DoYourPartChallenge #LyftUp 





      A man of many talents and projects, CeeLo Green is still traveling globally preforming his solo act as well as touring with his original, rap-group Goodie Mob, but all dates have been postponed during the pandemic. Additionally, on August 11th, CeeLo will return to Las Vegas for his 3rd residency entitled “Man in the Mirror” this time at The Flamingo. He also recently appeared on WEtv’s “Marriage Bootcamp” alongside his lifetime partner Shani James, which was also a glimpse into his real life as Thomas Callaway. 


      As CeeLo’s lyric states in his single ‘Lead Me’, please remember during this unpredictable time in the world that, “It doesn’t matter where we started, just as long as we finish together.

      CeeLo Green Album

      Track Listing for “CeeLo Green is… Thomas Callaway”:

      1. For You
      2. Lead Me
      3. Little Mama
      4. Don’t Lie
      5. I Wonder How Love…
      6. People Watching
      7. You Gotta Do It All
      8. Doing It All Together
      9. Slow Down
      10. Down With The Sun 
      11. Thinking Out Loud
      12. The Way