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      Best New 15 Year Old Musician, Jayden Bartel

      Best New 15 Year Old Musician, Jayden Bartel

      It’s crazy to think Jayden Bartels is only 15 years old, but the Los Angeles native is absolutely killing it. You may have seen her acting on the Disney show Coop & Cami Ask the World, but the singer-songwriter has had equal if not more success in the music world. Unleashing her first record “Can’t Help Me Now” back in July 2018, fans have been begging for more ever since.

      Jayden prides herself in creating music for audiences to relate to, even directing her own music video for “The Group.” King Ice caught up with Jayden in Los Angeles to discuss her style, her love for rings, and advice for up and comers who want to do what she does.

      What are your go to pieces in your jewelry collection? 

      Definitely rings. I don't really wear bracelets, I sometimes wear necklaces but I like crazy rings. I get my rings from all different places. I usually get them as gifts, I don’t think I’ve ever bought a ring. I got some in Cabo though, they have really cool rings in Cabo.

      How would you define your style as it relates to jewelry?

      My style always follows the silver theme or the gold theme. Either silver earrings or gold bracelets, it has to stick to one of those. 

      Do you prefer gold or silver?

      Definitely silver, I feel like I wear it a lot.

      What’s something everyone should have in their jewelry collection?

      A locket. A heart locket. Everyone needs one of those just to put something important in it.

      What advice would you give a young aspiring artist such as yourself?

      Stay genuine to yourself. Don't let anyone else change who you really are. If you feel a strong way or if you like something, then that's who you really are. You don't need anyone else's opinion or what anyone else has to say shouldn't vary that. 

      Soundz Screens His First Documentary "11:11"

      Soundz Screens His First Documentary "11:11"

      Soundz is far more than just a producer, he’s a revolutionary creator. The Milwaukee, Wisconsin has worked with all the greats in music, including Beyonce, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Usher… just to name a few. Beyond making beats, he raps under the alias iRap, proving you really can do anything you set your mind to. 

      Having produced 7 songs of CB’s recent album Indigo and 4 on JB’s forthcoming project, Soundz still somehow manages to find time to perfect his own craft, put out his own documentary titled 11:11, and most importantly, be a father to his newborn. 

      King Ice caught up with Soundz at his 11:11 screening at The Landmark on Pico Blvd. in Los Angeles to chat about his AU chain, his brand, and his legacy.

      What’s the most expensive piece of jewelry you’ve purchased? 

      The most expensive piece of jewelry I own is my AU chain. It’s not a lot. I don’t spend a lot. It’s $12K. 

      What does that mean to you?

      It means my whole everything, my whole brand. Add Up Entertainment was an idea to incorporate something that me and my homies say. We say “add up,” that means put to the table, what you put into the pie. I’m like “man, I want to make a movement called Add Up.” Then I think of AU. Au on the periodic table stands for Gold.


      The branding is strong!

      Yes, it stands for gold. The chain is gold. I get a lot of Gold, Platinum plaques, so the whole company just matches my whole vision. I want to turn it into a clothing line, turn it a film line. I see AU Films was here today, premiered AU Films today. AU is going to be a lot of things.

      What does Gold mean to you? 

      Gold means the standard of greatness, of luxury. A standard of: you aren’t really successful in music unfortunately, until you go Gold. If you go anything under that, it’s bronze or whatever. But until you go Gold, then you won’t get a plaque. You won’t get anything. You won’t get any recognition. Gold is where we’re starting at and we’re going to Gold, period. 

      What hip-hop label had the most iconic chain in your opinion? 

      Roc-A-Fella Records, because they’ve incorporated soul, street, pop sensibility, marketing, fashion. They had guys wanting to be them, girls wanting to be with them. They had everything you could possibly think of. 

      What do you want your legacy to be? 

      I want my legacy to be about how many people I’ve touched, and how many people’s careers I’ve bettered. I watched The Black Godfather, it’s a documentary about Clarence Avant and his tree at the end of it, meaning how many artists he’s touched or how many careers he’s touched. It was so spectacular, I’m like “man, I need my tree to be like that. How many people’s careers have I touched? How many calls have I made and let someone’s deal go through that I didn’t eat off of? I don’t care about the money, it’s just how many people have I touched? and networked with?

      Zaytoven In LA for Boosie Album

      Zaytoven In LA for Boosie Album

      At 13 years old, Zaytoven’s son already has a Rollie — a direct result of being one of the greatest producers to ever do it. While he reps’ Atlanta down to his core, it was his humble beginnings growing up in San Francisco, California, where he first began learning how to produce and make beats. 

      Fast forward to 2019, Zay’s discography is unmatched. Not only does he have an endless catalog of hit singles — Migos & Drake’s “Versace,” Gucci Mane’s “Icy,” Usher’s “Papers,” OG da Juice Man’s “Make da Trap Say Aye,” Future’s “Real Sisters,” etc. — but it’s his ability to team up with an artist and formulate hard-hitting records in the form of full-length projects. 

      Known to be one of the godfathers of the “trap wave” that came out of the A, Zay has not let his foot off the gas pedal one bit. Now, he teams up with the legendary Boosie Badazz for a brand new project titled Bad Azz Zay. King Ice caught up with Zay to discuss the most expensive piece of jewelry he owns and his love for Death Row Records.

      What is the most expensive piece of jewelry you’ve bought?

      I just bought a watch, a Skeleton AP worth $130,000. Just a one piece, I ain't even wear it today.

      How often are you wearing that piece?

      I just bought it, what how long ago did I? Three weeks ago, so I just got it.

      What are your go to pieces for jewelry?

      Im a Rolex guy, that's why I got on a plain jane Rolex. This is an anniversary edition, 40mm. And a diamond necklace and cross, that's just my signature piece. I’ve been wearing that ever since the beginning.

      Talk about getting your son a Rollie.

      I took him to my jewelry guy the other day, my guy was like, “You gotta put your son in a watch!” I'm like, “Hold on man, whatchu mean? He don't need no Rolex.” [chuckles] Yeah he's 13. He’s like, “That’s your son though, you got to.”

      The Zaytoven Drip...

      Yeah, might as well start ‘em off young.

      Does he understand what a “Rollie” means?

      Yes, he definitely does. You know, he’s responsible and he reminds me of me. He’s into himself, he’s into fashion, so I want to go ahead and make him look good early.

      In your opinion, who had the most iconic hip-hop chain, label-wise? 

      Let me think. It’ll have to be Jay-Z... either the Roc or Death Row. It’s out of those two. I guess to me growing up, listening to that music and seeing that necklace all the time — of course, Death Row. That was my favorite at the time with Snoop, Dre and Tupac, so I think the Death Row chain might stand out to me the most. 

      Is there anything else you want us to know?

      The Zaytoven & Boosie album is out now, Bad Azz Zay.

      Bad Azz Zay, who’s idea was that?

      That's Boosie. Boosie kept saying it in the songs so I’m like “We gon’ name the album that.”

      Adult Swim Festival is back!

      Adult Swim Festival is back!

      Adult Swim Festival is back! This time, the two-day festival took over Banc of California Stadium, deemed Los Angeles’ newest entertainment venue. Following last year’s success at The Row DTLA, 2019 proved to be an even bigger expansion combining live music, comedians, dank food,and endless on-site activations.

      On Friday, November 15th, one of the most highly-anticipated acts on the bill was Captain Murphy, Flying Lotus’ alias. Beyond an explosive set bringing out guest rapper Azizi Gibson and Thundercat on the bass, it was the moment he tricked fans into thinking MF Doom was in the building — disguised as Hannibal Buress. While we laugh about it now, it was definitely a huge tease to all hip-hop heads in the arena.

      Another standout performance was Leikeli47, an amazing female MC who covers her face with ski masks… at all times. The “Money” rapper had the crowd jumping as she incorporated LA classics, even paying tribute to Nipsey Hussle, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac. 

      Inside the stadium was a small stage strictly for comedy lovers, where individuals were able to do live stand up. Attendees were free to dress up as they pleased, with Rick & Morty being the most popular costumes. As far as the fun, there was a gigantic slide shaped like Morty’s head, a cat jousting area, a Hot Dog bull riding machine, a Meatwad Dome featuring an Adult Swim  360-degree screening experience, and more.

      Saturday, November 16th aka Day Two proved to be the funnest yet. The creators of Robot Chicken did a Q&A called Robot CHicken Intergalactic Power Summit while Freddie Gibbs & Madlib tore the stage down, performing the majority of their Bandana album. Meanwhile, Rapsody held it down performing cuts off her most recent album Evewith the King Ice Biggie chain on! We had gifted her moments before she graced the stage.

      Tierra Whack came through with her bright, vibrant, colorful self and even had a talking potato on stage.

      2 Chainz definitely took over the stadium performing all his hits including “No Lie,” “No Problem,” “It’s A Vibe,” “Good Drank,” and many more. Of course, his dog Trappy was in the house as well as he brought out his entire TRU label. Eric Andre was quite possibly the most highly-anticipated act at Adult Swim, doing a live rendition of the Eric Andre Show. The grand finale was Vince Staples, who proved why he’s one of Long Beach’s finest. 

      The Cool Kids Return With New Music

      The Cool Kids Return With New Music

      The dynamic duo that is Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks, return as The Cool Kids; in commemoration of their “Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe” album that dropped two years ago.

      Coming off a hiatus, they unveil a new EP titled, “Layups.” While Chuck usually handles most of the production, they decided to recruit the Alchemist to produce all three tracks found on the EP. Thanks to the veteran producer, the EP’s sound is filled with classic Boom Bap elements.

      Frequent collaborator, Boldy James, also appears as a guest feature on tracks, “WTF,” while Shorty K drops in on “Polansky.” Listen to “Layups” below and check out a couple of our favorite The Cools Kids looks. 

      Sir Michael Rocks (right) can always be seen in a gold link chain (or 2), here he adds contrast to his striped polo tee with a heftier gold piece. 

      Chuck doesn't sport a lot of jewelry, but he can be seen with a pair of shades, the majority of the time. 


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